How to use LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is a medium to showcase, grow and network a business. How a business can use LinkedIn for business, business development, business promotion, and professional networking can determine how the business grows as a unit.

LinkedIn is used by over 700million professionals that are experts in different fields. It is popular as a platform to create an online version of your resume. LinkedIn is labeled as a way of looking for a new job and people assume it as a job market. But, who is offering these jobs? Who is looking for people to work for their companies? Who provides jobs on LinkedIn? Indeed, some companies are interested in hiring the best bunch of professionals for their business.

The importance of LinkedIn for a business

As a business, having a network with peers in the same industry will be beneficial in many ways. It simply helps to share knowledge and what others in the same industry are doing, what you should do to reach their level. This will be beneficial for a new business to widen their productivity and learn from others to decide what’s next, decide future objectives and most importantly take necessary critical business decisions at the right moment. A large business can showcase its achievements, and vision and meet potential partners via LinkedIn. It will be helpful to find new opportunities for the business and widen the market space.

LinkedIn marketing tips

Advertising campaign

When compared with other social media, LinkedIn leans toward a more professional platform that went beyond entertainment purposes. Therefore, an ad campaign can be beneficial especially for small businesses to find genuine customers as starters. It will be easy to get their professional opinion about the products that are important to make necessary changes in the business process. In LinkedIn, a business can target even a smaller group that is limited to a specific area and run the advertising campaign accordingly.

Stay within the customer range

Keeping in touch with the customers and clients will help a small business to get leads on LinkedIn as the clients can bring more genuine customers to the business. Since this is done professionally, people who are interested in getting the products or services from the business will stay within the range. Having such a set of clients makes things easier to approach where and when necessary through social media.

Email marketing lists

An email marketing list is a valuable asset for a business. Writing a crafted letter to the connections on LinkedIn is an ideal way to invite them to join the email marketing list. Including an offer to receive when signing up for the email list is a better way of getting them to sign up.

Sponsored updates

‘Pay-per-click’ or ‘pay-per-1,000’ impression feature on LinkedIn allows pushing a post of a business page to an Individual’s LinkedIn feed. It has allowed customizing according to the company name, job title, job function, skills, schools, and groups. This allows a business to target its primary targeted set of connections. LinkedIn groups are also a better way of targeting a specific niche audience and filtering out unnecessary responses.

If your business hasn’t set up a business page on LinkedIn yet, wait no more. Consider how to use LinkedIn for your business and get things started.




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