How Tommy Swanhaus is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

Tommy Swanhaus Co. has been the evolution of the founder’s career. The company concentrates solely on using the mobile phone and mobile platform as the best way for retailers, restaurants, franchises, small businesses, and large corporations to reach, engage, and connect with their consumers or customers. Tommy Swanhaus Co. believes that text messaging combined with creative content are the essentials to exponential growth for businesses. Tommy Swanhaus Co. cuts through the clutter and engages customers through their mobile platform that can be used in such ways as to promote sales, discounts, and events; Text to donate; Text to Join; Text Linking back to a client’s social media, photos, online video, etc. Some other fun ways Tommy Swanhaus Co. will use their mobile platform is to drive sales is Text to Win, VIP Rewards, surveys, and lots more as the list of possibilities is endless. While statistically consumers will only open their emails 20% of the time and only 10% of advertisers and brands’ social media followers will be reached with a post; Tommy Swanhaus Co. has solved this connectivity problem with his mobile platform or text messaging platform that provides the best return on investment out there. Tommy Swanhaus says “According to Forbes, 99% of Text Messages are opened within 5 minutes.” Text Messaging is 100% Spam Free and does not need Internet connection like Push Notifications or to download an App. Tommy Swanhaus Co. has positioned itself to be the go to solution if a restaurant, small company, publicly traded company, etc. are looking for real results or leads that can be measured instantly or in as little as one day.

The company’s founder, Tommy Swanhaus believes in a hands on and personal approach for his digital and mobile marketing. His approach goes hand in hand as he spends most of his time on his mobile phone creating Instagram and Facebook Content, promoting them and consuming them. Swanhaus will leverage his name and vast networks of contacts for his clients if it is the right fit. The founder turned his Instagram account from private into a public account this past fall. He also changed the account username to his own name. Today, Tommy Swanhaus’s Instagram account, “TommySwanhaus” is globally ranked in the Top .005% for influencers in the world. He will use his TommySwanhaus, which is now a business account, as if it is a personal account by posting photos of his lifestyle, fun adventures, and business success. Tommy Swanhaus says “his promotion through the TommySwanhaus account will build brand awareness, authenticity, and in turn increase his clients’ own Instagram followers, likes, video views, along with overall engagement. Tommy Swanhaus also extends his companies “influencer” social media presence by introducing his clients to his personal Facebook friends (there is a waiting list to be his friend). Besides Tommy Swanhaus Co. text message service, digital and mobile services, and social media “influencer” promotion, the company also builds and manages beautiful websites, handles PPC, runs your social media, create video content, and more. The company is also in the process of creating, launching, distributing, and marketing a new original YouTube and Instagram Series called PHYSICS PIT STOP. The series is hosted by PhD Physicist Bill Lee and is a cross pollination of a Ted Talk and a Discovery or History Channel Show. Since the launch of its first promos for the PHYSICS PIT STOP series and including the premiere of Episode 1; there have been over 500,000 total views on Instagram, Instagram TV (IGTV), and YouTube in the 3 weeks.

Tommy Swanhaus Co. was honored as one of the “50 Leading Companies of the Year” for 2018 by The Silicon Review magazine, the world’s most trusted online and print community for business and tech professionals. Tommy Swanhaus Co. has also been shortlisted by merit to be part of “Top 10 Most Trustworthy Companies of 2019” by the Enterprise Technology magazine, The CEO Views. Tommy Swanhaus, the CEO and founder has also been shortlisted for “30 Best Leaders to Watch in 2019.” With Tommy Swanhaus at the helm, Tommy Swanhaus Co. was just selected as one the “Top 10 Smartest Companies of Year 2019,” by the magazine CEO Views.

What Inspired Tommy Swanhaus to enter into this respective segment?

Swanhaus has been a trailblazer in business from the get go and has been able to see what would benefit consumers years before they have become mainstream and accepted as the norm. An example of his foresight is the film streaming platform that he built years before Amazon Prime and Netflix where household names. He grew the platform from a zero market share to 110 Countries in less than two years.

While Swanhaus has always been in the digital and mobile marketing space, he never had been on the technical side of text messaging nor did he want to. So, when the opportunity to partner with one of the top text messaging platforms, Sentext Solutions, came about, he thought it was a no brainer and a service that all companies needed. To Swanhaus, it was a very easy and logical decision as he recognized the best way to communicate with someone is through text message. Therefore, a company, restaurant, or brand could utilize text messaging to easily communicate specials, promotions, and other items that they have. He said, “99% of the time people will open a text within 5 minutes of receiving it and only 20% of people will open an email and only 10% will see their social media.” With only 2% of companies currently using text messaging to communicate with their customers, the opportunity is huge and disruptive.

What are the cutting-edge products/services offered by Tommy Swanhaus Co. that are redefining innovation?

Connectivity and creativity are the backbone of Tommy Swanhaus Co. Between their text messaging, along with digital and mobile creativity; they can confidently grow any company and client’s footprint in social media and digital media. They can actually track and allow their clients to see how their marketing is performing not by staring at Google Analytics and trying to interpret them; but rather they are able to measure how one text message or one social media post by Tommy Swanhaus increases their business by more foot traffic, tickets sold, and clothes sold. Swanhaus says, “these are real tangible results that can be measured by a company’s cash register.”

Tommy Swanhaus Co. believes in using events offline to drive the engagement online. The company uses events, daily happenings, new hires, new influencer campaigns, etc. to create buzz online through press releases and social media promotion.

Tommy Swanhaus Co. believes with only around 2% of all companies currently using text messaging to communicate with their customers or audience that there is exponential growth potential for businesses that become their clients. Tommy Swanhaus Co. cuts through all the clutter, such as with email and social media and engages its clients’ customers through their mobile platform that allows for direct response engagement and action. The text messaging platform can be used in such ways as to promote events, discounts, and sales; Text to Donate; Text to Join; Text Linking back to a clients’ Social Media, Photos, Online Video, etc. Some other fun ways, Tommy Swanhaus Co. will use text messaging to drive sales is Text to Win, VIP Rewards, instant lead generation, surveys and lots more as the list and possibilities are endless with creativity. While statistically consumers will only open their emails 20% of the time and only 10% of advertisers and brands’ social media followers will be reached with a post; Tommy Swanhaus Co. has solved this connectivity problem with his mobile platform or text messaging platform that provides the best Return on Investment. Tommy Swanhaus says “According to Forbes, 99% of Text Messages are opened within 5 minutes. Text Messaging is 100% Spam Free and does not need Internet like Push Notifications or to download an App.”

What strategies have Tommy Swanhaus undertaken to stay ahead of the competition and the curve?

Swanhaus has been concentrating on mobile and digital content since the early 2000s. He believes that the key to individual success is being H.I.P or having great Human Intellectual Property (“Smarts”). Swanhaus defines the “smarts” as having great creativity, logic and ingenuity. Swanhaus says to succeed as a company and stay ahead of the curve you must be H.I.P. plus use the best Technology Infrastructure and Platform (T.I.P). Swanhaus first spoke about his theory in 2010 in Florida as the keynote speaker at Miami Startup Weekend. An earlier version of his formula for innovation and success was published on the White House’s Google+ on National Entrepreneurs’ Day in 2013.

Today, Swanhaus runs his business around the philosophy that the best Human Intellectual Property (Smartness) plus the use of the best Technology Infrastructure and Platform will result in Maximum Value per Project for his clients squared: Formula: HIP + TIP = MVP^2.

Swanhaus believes that one of his company’s unique propositions is that Tommy Swanhaus Co. can maximize value for their clients’ projects exponentially better than the typical marketing company and that is why the results are squared, so it is HIP + TIP = MVP^2

What is Tommy Swanhaus’ influence over the company?

 Swanhaus has been fortunate to have success at an early age and sold his first reality TV series to Discovery’s TLC at the age of 25. Because of his production background, he believes in low overhead and can easily scale for any project.

Swanhaus applies his H.I.P. Strategy to his everyday life while concentrating on the bigger picture, the creativity, and the personable relationships with clients.

Swanhaus says, “I then utilize the industries best technology, back offices or infrastructure, along with the platforms that are best for my clients and their objectives. Best does not always mean most expensive, rather I evaluate these companies to partner with on their capabilities, reliability, and cost. I look for long term relationships that are partnerships.” Today, each of the digital and mobile services that Tommy Swanhaus Co. offers come from all over the world. For example, Swanhaus loves that their mobile and digital technology, infrastructure, and platforms that the company utilizes are in Arkansas, Connecticut, California, New York, Israel, and Turkey.

What is Tommy Swanhaus’s influence over the industry?

 Swanhaus has been described as a “creative genius” in the global entertainment and advertising world. He created the first success for a mainstream series on the mobile phone, Playboy Interns, which went on to win MIN’s Integrated Marketing Award. His projects that he has created or digitally marketed, or both, have been nominated for a Streamy Award, won a Gracie Award for best Viral Video, and have been Oscar contenders. His previous company, The FreeStyle Life Inc. was a finalist for Forbes’ Most Promising Companies. He is recognized as a thought-leader and has been published in over 200 publications. There is even a book that is carried by Amazon and other similar sites called “Tommy Swanhaus: Multimedia, Mobile Content, Cross-Platform”. Therefore, Tommy Swanhaus is a well-regard innovator, global entrepreneur, and thought-leader. When he lived in Connecticut, he was routinely invited to the United Nations headquarters in New York City. He would partake in discussions on global education, access to medicine, technology, and intellectual property with ambassadors and top UN officials.

In terms of industry influence, since Swanhaus started his career, he has been fortunate to establish mutual beneficial partnerships with some great private and public companies for his companies’ backbone year over year. For example, the content partnership with Google and YouTube that he agreed in 2009 was not only a big opportunity for him, but was also for Google. It has since appeared on the Google Timeline Of Historic Events. The same could be said with his video streaming partner, Brightcove Inc.

Swanhaus has always partnered with the best across all industries. The Tommy Swanhaus Brand, along with his ingenuity, leadership and personable attitude transcends boundaries, borders, and radiates in any industry.

What are the achievements and experiences that have shaped the company to date?

In the fall, Tommy Swanhaus Co. did its first press announcement/release, the article got picked up by more 200 publications, such as MarketWatch, International Business. and had a total trackable audience of 8.6 Million visitors/day.

In 2018 Tommy Swanhaus Co. was selected as one of “50 Leading Companies Of The Year” in its first year by the world’s most trusted online and print community for business and tech professionals, The Silicon Review.

“The  50 Leading Companies” list ranged from public companies, such as AFLAC to private companies that were headquartered all over the world, such as Hong Kong and New Zealand. Tommy Swanhaus Co. was listed No. 20 among the 50 Companies on the list.

Tommy Swanhaus Co. has also been shortlisted by merit to be part of “Top 10 Most Trustworthy Companies of 2019” by the Enterprise Technology magazine, The CEO Views.

Tommy Swanhaus, the CEO and founder has also been shortlisted for “30 Best Leaders to Watch in 2019.”

Tommy Swanhaus just recently found out that as the CEO and Principal Consultant for Tommy Swanhaus Co. that his company has been selected as one of the “Top 10 Smartest Companies Of The Year 2019” and will be in the May magazine of The CEO Views.

Where does Tommy Swanhaus Co. see itself in the long run and what are its future goals?

 Tommy Swanhaus Co. will be the go to digital and mobile agency for growing and cost effectively reaching one’s audience and more. It will be through a cross-pollination of the most efficient and direct way to communicate, which is text message combined with digital marketing/social media, such as Instagram, YouTube, and press.

Swanhaus says he would like to sell the H.I.P.-ness of Tommy Swanhaus Co, such as 49% to a European or large parent company that does similar things, but not his concentrated mobile and digital/social media niche. Therefore, Tommy Swanhaus still has control, but will literally have a global presence and the backing of larger company. He says that what Tommy Swanhaus Co. offers and the Tommy Swanhaus brand offers is truly HIP or Human Intellectual Property.

As serial entrepreneur, what drives you to continue launching new businesses when others would take a back seat in their careers at this point?

As a serial entrepreneur, I have launched my current company because I am still young and I have a six-year old, Johnny, that I adore. Therefore, I want to be a part of his life and be a great father for him. A lot of people ask me why don’t you live in New York or San Francisco with my background and experience; and the answer is I love where I live, Little Rock. I love the people, my friends, the lifestyle, and everything it has to offer. So, for me to be able to do what I love and still be where I want, I decided I needed to create that opportunity for myself and that is how Tommy Swanhaus Co. came about.

I do not recommend entrepreneurship for everyone as people don’t understand the capital you need, the stress, and the hard work that goes into starting a new business. While it is a glorified profession and entrepreneurs are considered “ROCKSTARS” these days, especially with Instagram. People do not know the true struggles behind each company, such as the doubters that you deal with everyday. Especially when you have a family or starting a family, it can really take a toll on them and you. Only .05% of entrepreneurs actually succeed in getting venture capital funding, so you have to be prepared to sacrifice and be smart with your resources in order to succeed. It is an amazing feeling when your company that you started is succeeding and you are hiring more people! Today, since I have already gone through the blood, sweat and tears, and I now have a whole different perspective being on the other side. The experience I have had allows me to start a new company fairly easily. It is not much entrepreneurship anymore; rather than it is just starting a company.

You were shortlisted as one of the “30 Best Leaders to Watch in 2019.” What do nominations and accolades like that mean to you as entrepreneur?

It is a huge honor to be recognized for your hard work, innovativeness, and strategic thinking. To be considered among the best of the best is really exciting no matter what the award is for. The end of 2018 was an exciting time as Tommy Swanhaus Co. was selected for one of the “50 Leading Companies of the Year”, shortlisted for “Top 10 Most Trustworthy Companies of 2019”, and shortlisted for “30 Best Leaders to Watch in 2019”. I also just found out that my company as one of the “Top 10 Smartest Companies of the Year 2019.” I am just grateful for everything.

According to your website, the Tommy Swanhaus Co is an “evolution of my career”. Can you explain this statement and how you reached this point?

 I have been starting my own businesses since I was in middle school. With experience in Internet startups, TV show content creation, branded series for the mobile phones, streaming movies to your phone… I have always believed that the most important screen that we have in our lives is the mobile phone. Industry insiders used to talk about the mobile phone as the fourth screen with your TV set being the first screen, but I always have preached about the significance of your mobile phone being the first screen and today most everyone would agree. If you are able to connect and get your message to people on their mobile phone, you have succeeded. It can be streaming content or text messaging; it is all about utilizing the appropriate form of connecting depending on the brand or the company.

Tommy, people call you a “thought leader” and “social media influencer.” What does it mean to be a “thought leader” and “social media influencer” these days?

Those are two very powerful words today as they are similar in the fact that you have a people listening to your voice and what you have to say, and are influenced by what you say. Therefore, people believe you are credible, trustworthy, and think what you say is interesting and insightful.  A “thought leader” is someone that is guiding the industry and moving it forward. They are not only an expert, but they have a vision of where we are going as an industry as a whole. A social media influencer is different than a thought leader as they are often monetizing their actions online as they are recommending products, brands, etc. In simple terms, Kim Kardashian is a social media influencer. She has 132 million Instagram Followers and can charge between $260,000 and $440,000 per post. While Seth Godin is a “thought leader” with 17 books, but probably would not get paid $250,000 for any of his post. He has only 80K+ followers and can charge between $300-$550. I on the other hand have both with over Half Millions Followers on Instagram, recognized as a Top Influencer in the World, and also have keynoted some major events, such Global Entrepreneurship Week in Miami.

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