In Honor of Mother’s Day

This day is to recognize and be grateful to the mothers whose enduring struggles, love, patience and commitment made it possible for persons for the sake of being created, bring the good to society.

This day is not only about materialistic gifts but about expressing affection and appreciation to all mothers in every form such as grandmothers, great grandmothers, adoptive mothers, step-mothers, mother-in-law, single mothers, expectant mothers, grieving mothers, aunts, nuns, teachers, babysitters, young women mothers to be, and so on.

After weeps, moans there is usually happiness in the birth room. The laborious procedure of giving birth and the celebration of life is priceless.

When the baby is born great attentiveness and tenderness is shown for the beginning of life, each tiny heartbeat, each sound, movement is unforgettable in existence that in itself is valuable. The bond a baby feels with mother is essential for well being and protection even in the animal world this is evident.

Even though mothers age and might become for some as nagging -they with years of experience consider their advice as beneficial. Instead of disputing with mother try to minimize conflict, try to understand her viewpoints, try to create harmony.

It is regrettable that out of differing perspectives, anger, indifference, etc persons do not communicate with their mothers for a long time and then realize that she has passed away. There are diverse types of mothers with each having their own personality and rearing methods. It is influenced by so many factors including country, norms, tradition, culture, race, status, education, religion and so forth. In view of these, parenting styles are said to affect children growing up.

The dysfunctions or success in society is molded by how children are being treated, taught, and guided.

This special day to honor mothers from far, near, and those departed.

To honor the memories of playing, carrying, singing tunes, feeding, cleaning, discipline, learning, and countless others.

To praise their dedication, worries, and labor.

Ways moms are honored: poems, songs, paintings, speeches, films, each gift according to their hobbies, profession, preference.

This world should be proud that mothers are a lasting impression for generations to come.

In anticipation, Happy Mother’s Day!

By Cleopatra Fitzgerald




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