Increase Interactions On Your Linkedin Page With These Easy Steps

LinkedIn is far different from traditional social media sites. The website was created to help professionals connect with their colleagues and others in their field across the country and around the world.

For that reason, traditional means of increasing followers on the site are out. Here are a few easy ways you can increase the activity and interactions you have on your LinkedIn page:

Post Consistently

A lot of people use LinkedIn just to connect with colleagues or find job openings, but very few actually post on the platform.

Posts should be related to your company or your strengths. For example, if you are a social media manager, you can share a few tips on how others can improve their own social media following. The more consistently you post, the more people are likely to see what you post, comment on it, or like it. You might also gain new followers by doing this.

Add Your Linkedin Page To Your Website Or Other Social Media

You should add a links to your LinkedIn page on your professional websites so that people who visit them can also see your LinkedIn page, which will indicate your job experience and what you have to bring to the table professionally.

Post Videos For The Best Interactions

Studies have consistently shown that people aren’t very interested in ready a lot of text. People are more interested in reading infographics and watching videos across all social media sites.

You can post videos that explain a certain process or, if you own a company, promotes your business and what it has to offer. Make sure that the video is appropriate and something that you would want a future colleague or your boss to see.

Engage With Your Network

Continually engage with those on your network to assure that you are noticed. This will lead to them engaging more in your posts and even sharing your post with their network. This can lead to an increase in followers for you as well as more comments and likes.

One way you can further engage with your network is by using LinkedIn groups. This helps you connect with a group of people to learn more about a given subject or network on the platform.

Keep Your Profile And Skills Up To Date

Don’t leave your LinkedIn page blank. Be sure to add some of your skills. This can help you to connect with more people from your industry who share the same skills as you. In addition to adding skills, add where you went to college, what you got your degree in, your current position, and the organizations you were a part of.

If someone who has these in common with you, they are more likely to add you. Be sure to take advantage of your profile settings and update them whenever anything changes.

Take advantage of the LinkedIn platform and build up your page for further professional interactions, future job opportunities, and much more.



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