INDEVCO Plastics Announces New Vice President Of Sales & Marketing

Demetri Papachristopolous, INDEVCO Plastics' VP of Sales & Marketing

INDEVCO Plastics, a branch of INDEVCO North America that specializes in the production of eco-friendly plastics, has appointed Demetri Papachristopoulos to the position of vice president of sales and promotion.

Where has Papachristopoulos worked before?

Papachristopoulos has worked in sales and advertising for over 20 years, and he has vast expertise of plastics processing and innovative packaging conversion, all of which he will use to help INDEVCO Plastics with.

In Ned Bassil’s words, Demetri is “an established and adaptable leader effective at establishing and directing high performance teams and delivering profitable development” for INDEVCO North America. In order to speed up programs that benefit both parties, he is a talented communicator who places a premium on establishing relationships of trust with clients.

What is Demetri Papachristopoulosā€™s role at INDEVCO?

Demetri will be a leader in INDEVCO Plastics’ efforts to expand its production footprint beyond its current facilities in Longview, Texas, and Orangeburg, South Carolina. He will work with package converters to accommodate their needs for environmentally friendly packaging.

The Longview, Texas facility of INDEVCO Plastics manufactures a variety of industrial PE films, including as form-fill-seal (FFS) material, centerfold lamination, open – mouthed polybags, elastic shielding, and print-ready shrink wrapping film. INDEVCO Plastics, based in Orangeburg, South Carolina, now offers adhesive coatings and boundary films in addition to its previous offerings.

Bassil explains, “Demetri will be focusing on expanding the company while also working to further strengthen and improve our sales staff. Our expansion into new, untapped markets will be spearheaded by him.

Previously, Papachristopoulos worked as the National Sales Director for Plastic Packaging Technologies, the Vice President of Sales at Eagle Flexible Extrusion, and the Strategic Account Manager with Polymer Packaging Incorporated.

Details about INDEVCO Plastics

INDEVCO Plastics, a recycled and renewable firm, is working to develop a polyethylene various packaging lineup that prioritizes the use of recovered and downgauged natural resources and may be recycled once its useful life has ended.

Companies in the electrical and electronics, construction material, pharmaceutical and petrochemical, foodstuff, commercial salts and minerals, landscape and garden, package conversion, and transportation plastic wrapping industries are all served by the firm.

A part of the global INDEVCO Group, INDEVCO Plastics operates out of INDEVCO North America. In order to promote a more ecological and cyclical business, INDEVCO firms are actively working to develop, create, and recycle environmentally friendly packaging. INDEVCO North America is an active participant in the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), and INDEVCO Group and its affiliated firms are members of the Alliance to Reduce Plastic Waste (AEPW).



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