ION Luxury Adventure Hotel. Perfect Destination for Your Iceland Getaway

The epitome of ice and fire, cold and hot, only a few destinations manage to surpass the awe-inspiring surroundings of ION Luxury Adventure Hotel. If your bucket list includes seeing the Northern Lights up close and personal, this is the place where you can get the most incredible views like you have never imagined. Amidst the diverse Western Iceland, you will find this hotel that is like something straight out of a fairy tale, what the surrounding cold rivers, hot springs, lava fields, and even a dormant volcano. Just 40 minutes away from the equally enchanting capital Reykjavik, ION Luxury Adventure Hotel is the best of both worlds.

Award-winning Hotel Like No Other

ION was originally a staff building of a certain geothermal plant, but no traces can be seen of it, considering its present glamorous and fabulous looks. However, it managed to retain most of the energy that perfectly blends in with the unique Icelandic spirit.

It boasts of rooms that look out to the UNESCO-listed Thingvellir National Park, with the accommodation guaranteed environmentally friendly after careful consideration. Every room is also equipped with Fairtrade linens, hypoallergenic beds, and organic toiletries that are all made using Icelandic herbs.

Dine the Icelandic Way

ION Luxury Adventure Hotel also incorporates the Northern Lights Bar and Silfra Restaurant. The restaurant’s name has been inspired by Silfra Rift, the most famous diving site in Iceland, which marks the meeting point of the continents of America and Europe. You can be sure that the design and the menus alike keep everything strictly Nordic.

The chefs of the restaurant are guided by the ethos of simplicity, freshness, and purity as they come up with dishes of farm fresh vegetables, locally reared lambs, and freshly-caught fish together with spirits and beers directly taken from Icelandic microbreweries. And while you’re here, you shouldn’t miss out trying their Skyr BrulĂ©e, a traditional Icelandic dessert that will surely make you crave for more.

Facilities and Amenities

As befits this kind of hotel that is all about natural energy, the sauna, spa, and the 10m outdoor pool of ION Luxury Adventure Hotel are also notably special. There are also a lot of revitalizing treatments that you can find here, such as facials and massages. With the incomparable landscapes and tranquil surroundings you will be enjoying at the hotel, this is the place that will make you discover and enjoy a whole new level of pampering and relaxation.

You can also arrange for all types of adventurous excursions during your stay at the ION, from horseback riding, to snowmobile rides, volcano hikes, and even exciting helicopter trips. If these are not your thing, you can also go for the waters with the river raft, or just jump in the eco-friendly Super Jeep to indulge in a tour of the unbelievably spectacular natural wonders of the region.

Iceland might sound cold and dull, but this place will easily warm your heart from the get go, and ION Luxury Adventure Hotel has several ways to do exactly just that.



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