Is it worth buying the new iPhone 12?

The new iPhone 12 was released on October 13, 2020. It was great news for all the iPhone lovers around the world. There are many iPhone 12 reviews and discussions of iPhone 12 specifications available on the internet. But, it isn’t easy to decide whether is it worth buying the new iPhone 12. Since Apple has highlighted some amazing features of the iPhone 12, people more likely to have an iPhone for themselves. Is the iPhone 12 different from the previous iPhones? It is time to get answers.

Since the new iPhone 12 is released internationally, there are many features people talk about in reviews.

Key Features of iPhone 12

New design

iPhone 12’s new design is something you all are familiar with if you used the earlier iPhones from the iPhone 4 era. It is a throwback to the earlier versions with squared-off edges. Apple has used the old design blended with the latest technology.


These are specially designed accessories that connect to the iPhone 12 magnetically. Magsafe charger is designed to give faster wireless charging.

5G cellular connectivity

Fifth-generation mobile network support is a new twist with the iPhone 12. It has a wide range of frequencies with higher bandwidth. If 5G is available in your area, iPhone 12 enables you to enjoy higher download and upload speed.

OLED display

iPhone moved from the Liquid Retina HD display to the Super Retina XDR display. iPhone 12 has an OLED display instead of an LCD which came with earlier versions.

Ceramic Shield

With the intense of increasing the screen durability, there are super-hard Nano-ceramic crystals integrated with the screen glass. Apple expects to provide 4 times drop protection than before.

Improved water resistance

Apple has doubled the duration which was 30 minutes underwater previously and 6 meters underwater, which was 3 meters earlier.

A14 Bionic

A14 Bionic is with two high-performance cores has introduced to balance between performance and battery usage.

Apart from the above features, Apple has improved the Front-facing camera enhancements, Improved dual-camera system, Night mode enhancements, and introduced 4K HDR with Dolby Vision for the first time with the new iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11

When comparing with the iPhone 11, there are some improvements and newly added features in the new iPhone 12. The biggest difference between the two models is the design change. Apart from the design, the display, camera, and performance have improved with the new iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 vs. earlier iPhone versions

When Comparing with the earlier version before the iPhone 11, there is a considerable improvement in almost all the aspects of the iPhone. Therefore, this is a huge leap forward done by Apple. Improved battery life is an important improvement among them.

If you are about to upgrade from an iPhone earlier than the iPhone 11 to the new iPhone 12, it will be a great idea as there are a lot of new features included in the iPhone 12. Even if you use an iPhone 11, you will not be disappointed with the new iPhone 12 with its newly added features and improvements.



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