$32,000 – Italian artisan crafts world’s first 24-carat gold shoes

Most Expensive Shoes

Wealthy people, rich, billionaires sheikhs spend fortunes on shoes just because they like it but they have already been bored with those who have succeeded. Glass slippers and diamond shoes do not seem to be enough for them.

Antonio Vietri, an Italian shoemaker designed some shoes that have been catching the attention of many people of this type and brought to the public shoes with inlays of 24 carat gold and also sending the shoes is done in a helicopter. The Italian decided to make these shoes with special designs and details in gold to attract the attention of the public of Dubai that apparently did not seem to satiate with other shoes.

The first shoes he made were moccasins sued in black and blue colors with the top plated in pure gold of 24 carats. The difference of this shoe and others that supposedly have been made with gold is that these are actually manufactured with precious metal, gold is part of the shoe making it a unique shoe.

Most Expensive Shoes

     Like Vietri, other Italians have developed shoes combining materials with gold and silver, generally these products are aimed at people living in oil-rich countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. The first models to go on sale, models for men got their moment last year and eight months later for 2017 they began to make designs for ladies and varying between gold and silver.

For Antonio and other manufacturers it was a challenge to manufacture the shoes since there must be a balance between the weight of the gold and the rest of the material, if the material is very light it can bend and lose its shape, and if it is very heavy it can get annoying . Each shoe is custom made and carries 230 grams of gold per shoe. These luxurious shoes can come to have a value of $ 27 000 for models of hair and $ 32 000 for designs of ladies. The price includes shipping by helicopter and a black lacquered box that enhances the details of each shoe.

Most Expensive Shoes

     Despite the high cost of the shoes, shoe fanatics have had no problem buying them and ordering to make other models, even for ladies have become models that have cost more than $ 40 000, but for sheiks and leaders Of the market in oil countries this does not seem to be a problem.

Some people have complained that shoes do not reach everyone, but the truth is that very few people are willing to pay a certain amount of money for shoes.

Fortunately for Vietri, there are fans from Arabia, Dubai and other Arab countries that have no problem with money and meeting their needs. In fact, the manufacturer of these exclusive and luxurious shoes announced that it will be making more designs of this type and make them known in other parts of the world where people can be willing to pay for what they really want.




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