Jaguar’s All New and Original XKSS Makes World Debut

If you are searching to recreate classic, there are ways to go about it. One is to upgrade its bodywork and choose a classic paint color. The other is favored by the Jaguar cars recently, which is a more painstaking process and the results can be witness with the new and original Jaguar XKSS, which made its very first public appearance in Los Angeles last November at Petersen Museum.

Jaguar XKSS is the first genuine car to be built in about sixty years. This exciting and beautiful development prototype is painted with Sherwood green and it’s one of the 9 cars that will be delivered to the customers this year.

Considered by many as the first supercar in the world, Jaguar XKSS was basically the first one made by Jaguar as something that’s road worthy example of Le Mans-winning D-type that was created in year 1954-1956. During 1957, there were 9 cars that are for export to the United States that were destroyed in a fire at the Browns factory of Jaguar in British Midlands. It meant sixteen XKSS were manufactured.

2016 is the year when Jaguar announced that its division of Classic Car would make 9 lost XKSS cars for a particular group of clients and prestige collectors. The new Jaguar XKSS was shown in Los Angeles and it’s the summation of the eighteen months of research. It will also be used as a blueprint from which 9 continuation cars are created.

Jaguar’s classic engineering team had to go through different procedures just to get the real picture of its classic model. They had to collect the scanned pictures of the model from different sides and angles to bring the real design on the paper. Jaguar XKSS’ body is hand made from the Magnesium alloy just like 1957’s classic. It’ll have a 3.4L 6 cylinder Jaguar D-type with 262 bhp engine.

Kev Rich, Jaguar’s Classic Engineering Manager, calls Jaguar XKSS as one of the most important cars in the history of Jaguar and he said that their main mission was to make this original car definitely faithful to every inch of the car. He was not kidding. Each of the two thousand rivets, Jaguar XK6 engine, Smiths gauges in dashboard, and each inch from its bumper to its original specs. Its only modern part is its fuel tank that’s re-engineered for better driver safety.

Tim Hanning, Jaguar Land Rover Classic’s director, stated that the continuation program of Jaguar XKSS underlines the world class expertise that the team of Jaguar has. The team is also committed in nurturing the enthusiasm and passion for the famous past of Jaguar through offering incomparable cars, experiences, services, and parts.

Hanning also added that their team is positioned perfectly to cater the growing love for the classics with a new multimillion dollar global headquarters that are set to open this year in Coventry. They are also looking forward to grow this business, which supports their existing customers as well as engaging with a new generation of enthusiasts worldwide.



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