James D. Roumeliotis. Entrepreneur Coach and Consultant

James D. Roumeliotis

James D. Roumeliotis is considered to be a multicultural and multilingual sales management strategist, customer service and luxury lifestyle marketing practitioner. He is also an adviser for entrepreneurs. He was born during the last year of the baby boomer era in Montreal where he lived until he was 29 years old. He was born from a Greek immigrant couple. He was a restless child which made him find his first job as a newspaper carrier at the early age of 12.

Roumeliotis started a mobile disco enterprise with a couple of his friends at the age of 15. This experience was his initial steps in business operation.But the first full time job he had was in the financial and insurance industry all through his college studies. He first worked for a prominent American life insurance company selling personal insurance such as health, life disability, estate and pension planning insurance. After that he accepted a job in Dallas where he worked as a manager in a very important financial firm.

After a while he decided to make a fresh start by resigning his job in Dallas and moving to Greece where he career in the merchant shipping sector began. This was despite having difficulties entering since the industry was very closely knit. And in spite of the difficult entrepreneurial climat5e in that country, he was able to get into a yachting brokerage business. Since he was highly competitive and he focused on the needs of his clients, he hit success in no time. He made an incredible quantity of clients from the Middle East, Russia and the US. He was also able to acquire a 42ft sailing yacht and a 90ft motor yacht afterwards.

During the year 2006, he received a contract for three months to serve at the largest yacht in that moment that was owned by a Middle East royal family, as a logistic coordinator onboard. He made a great job there and it was extended for another month.

Then, he decided to sell his share of his yachting broker business to his partner in 2007 and moved back to Montreal where he opened his business advisory firm. He ran a blog with a success of 15,000 visits as average for the year 2010 and then published his book in 2012, “Entrepreneurial Essentials: Unconventional Business Wisdom and Bold Tactics”. During that time, he continued coaching, consulting, mentoring and lecturing.

He specialized in different fields like sales management strategies and sales management outsourcing; customer service; marketing/branding for lifestyle products and services; and entrepreneurship.

As a entrepreneur coach, consultant and lecturer, he is able to solve issues such as: Starting new well-founded business that consists in business modeling, planning and execution; taking new businesses into the next level by introducing new products and services; issues in sales and sales management department; improving customer service experience; brand or rebranding of a new or an existing business; interim advisory board; develop, refine and deliver courses for business programs in educational institutions and the community of business.




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