James G. Wetrich. CEO of The Wetrich Group of Companies


Having led teams in three continents over more than 40 years and consulted with over 100 companies, Jim Wetrich has seen great leaders who have thrived and ones that have flailed. A noted expert in leadership, Jim’s leadership lessons are as highly sought after by today’s business students as they are by Baby Boomers.

From 2006 to 2014, Jim built a team at Molnlycke Health Care that grew the revenue over 7 times and the EBITDA over 20 times creating over $1BN growth in enterprise value and taking the US business from number 5 to number 1 in the served market with an employee satisfaction index over 95%.

Jim is passionate about diversity and inclusion and hosted a two-day meeting for all women in the organization (not just high potentials) to discuss their unique challenges. Jim focuses now on coaching and mentorship and spreading his leadership lessons to help individuals become better leaders and organizations create great leaders.

James G. Wetrich, FACHE, is an established executive and healthcare company leader with extensive experience in operations, commercial strategies and marketing, both domestically and internationally. Recognized for his consistent performance and long track record of producing results, Jim has successfully launched products in the United States, Latin America and Europe. He continued to increase in responsibilities over time due to his adaptable nature with changing and uncertain conditions.

Jim leads by example and he is well-known for his consistent development and mentoring of individuals by helping them find their true passions. He is determined to continuously improve his learning and intellect. For example, James recently received his MBA in Health Administration from Emory in 2009 as a way to continue his commitment to life-long education.

James attributes his success throughout his career to his ability to set strategy and vision in the area of his responsibility as well as to create value propositions for products and position them properly. He knows when to make difficult decisions, while still building a unique relationship with the customer.

He is an active director with current and past appointments at Movi Medical, Optomeditech Oy, the Brain Injury Association of Georgia, Vevanto LLC, The White House Project, Debra of America, Meals on Wheels Association of America Foundation Board, the Tulane Alumni Association and the Tulane Medical Alumni Association. Jim also serves on a number of advisory boards for his alma maters, Emory and USC as well as for venture capital firm, Radius Ventures and private equity firm, Vistria.

The Wetrich Group is a health care management consulting firm founded in 2001 by James G. Wetrich. Check out Jim‘s website www.wetrichgroup.com and his book site https://jimwetrich.com/



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