Jeannie Assimos. Head of Content & Communications at

Jeannie Assimos. Head of Content & Communications at

In July 2021, Jeannie Assimos joined start-up automotive company as Head of Content and Communications. Having cut her teeth working in content production for Entertainment Tonight and eHarmony, Assimos found a new challenge with the automotive website and app. delivers up to date information drivers can use in a variety of ways. From services to products and more, delivers a unique experience that will enable drivers to find everything they need in one place.

Assimos recently sat down with Totalprestige Magazine to talk about, her career, and personal life.

Jeannie, can you start off by telling us about and the services and products it provides customers?

Absolutely. is what we like to call a super automobile app, where you can get all of your car service needs in one destination. You can get the best rates for airport and city parking, awesome deals on car washes throughout the country, and we have just been voted the No. 1 car insurance app as well, with the best quality product. We saved customers $50 million last year along with better auto insurance rates, which is very cool.

How does the Way’s ecosystem work and connect drivers to services they need?

We actually partner with hundreds of vendors in the parking, car wash, and insurance arenas, and work behind the scenes to get customers the highest quality services and best rates for everything.

What makes Way auto app the only driving smartphone app needed today?

There is no other app where you can access all of these auto services so seamlessly. And we’ve got more coming too – as we add roadside assistance and EV locations and rentals as well.

In July 2021, Way reached $120m in annualized revenue. This came after receiving just $7m in seed funding in 2019. How did the Way achieve success so quickly as a business?

Honestly, it was incredibly hard work from a very dedicated team who analyzed every aspect of the business daily, and made improvements on the fly. From the engineers who work on our dynamic pricing engine, to the airport parking team who is always working to get customers the best deals, it is a team who are 100% focused.

The company has attracted a number of top executives and former employees from major companies such as Uber and eHarmony. Has Way’s growth been made possible by attracting some of the best FinTech minds in the business?

I think the growth was happening, and people like myself saw tremendous opportunity here, so that is why we all joined.

Jeannie Assimos with with Leeza Gibbons and eharmony CEO Grant Langston

Jeannie Assimos with Leeza Gibbons and eharmony CEO Grant Langston

Jeannie, can you tell us about your career prior to joining the Way and what inspired you to work in content and communications?

I have been creating content in one way or another since I was a kid. It is just part of who I am. I was attracted to entertainment for that reason, and got to experience working in that industry at Entertainment Tonight for a decade. I then moved onto eHarmony where I got to work on content and use my skills to develop PR programs as well, which was really a natural fit for me.

At one time, you worked as a managing editor for Entertainment Tonight. What was your experience like working for ET and how has working for the television show helped you in other areas of your career?

ET was a blessing and the best way I could have started my career. The fast pace of that show really readies you for anything. We started at 5 am and by 3 pm had produced multiple shows, written at least 20 pieces of news, and created versions of ET for mobile. You learn on the fly and see what works by the next day when the ratings come in. So there is constant learning.

Can you describe your role at the company?

At, I am collaborating with pretty much every department to grow our content and increase brand awareness. This means a lot of work on the SEO front, optimizing the content and pages created, working with our social media team to create interesting and compelling videos and posts, and connecting with reporters who are covering our area of business.

How difficult has the COVID-19 pandemic been for the Way and how has the company dealt with it?

2020 was a huge challenge for obvious reasons, but the team still showed up every day and were as fiscally conscious as they could be. They rode through the storm and 2021 has been amazing.

What can Way app users expect in the future from the company and how will Way continue to evolve to provide customers with new, cutting-edge services?  

They can expect a lot! We are really just beginning, and ultimately will be the only auto app you will need to use for all of your car needs. We recently added a cool parking pass option, where you can park all over the city, daily or monthly for a super low rate. We also have roadside assistance coming – where you have the option to purchase monthly, and aren’t locked into a year subscription. EV charging  features are also coming this fall.

Jeannie, what is a day in your life like?

A day in my life starts very early! I am usually in touch with our content team in India at about 7 am. I then take my little miniature pinscher, Johnny Cash, for a walk and then I’m off to our office in Fremont, California. I squeeze in a workout when time permits, and then it’s home and taking Johnny to the dog park in the evenings.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I won a national spelling bee when I was in fifth grade! And I don’t go a day without eating dark chocolate.

Jeannie Assimos

What makes you smile?

Dogs, tacos, and kind people.

What scares you?

Climate change definitely scares me. And the divisive state of the [United States] country, it saddens me greatly.

If you had the power to change just one thing in the world, what would it be?

Everyone would just accept one another and come from a place of love.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Yes. Everyone please go rescue an animal! They bring immeasurable joy to our lives.

For more information on Jeannie Assimos and, please visit the company’s official website.



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