Joshua Sodaitis. CEO & Chairman of the Board at Mobicard, Inc.

Josh Sodaitis

There was a time that a business man or woman went on a work trip and collected dozens of business cards from the people they met. More times than not, those business cards were left in bars, meetings, hotel rooms, or simply thrown into the trash bin following the exchange. The team behind Mobicard wanted to change this. The company knew it could make the business card experience better, greener, and disrupt the industry.

CEO and Chairman of the Board Joshua Sodaitis has helped the company achieve its aims and is pushing the brand forward. Under his leadership, Mobicard has become the premier digital business card which allows users to simply send business cards via its easy to use app. Mobicard’s exclusive features even allow the user to see when the card has been viewed, making it far more efficient than the old-fashioned paper cards many people still hand out.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for a digital business card and Mobicard aims to make 2021 its biggest year yet. The sky’s the limit for the company as it continues to grow. Mobicard isn’t social media, it is digital business cards that lead to greater connections.

Joshua, Mobicard disrupts the traditional paper business card sector and makes it completely digital. Can you start off by telling us how you came up with the concept of Mobicard and how it works?

I have thought for a long time that the natural progression of business networking is through digital business cards. Creating a mobile “digital footprint” uses the advancements in mobile technology to expand the marketability of the business card. When a business uses paper business cards, the only metric available for improving sales and brand recognition is the number of cards that a company representative has handed out. With the Mobicard, a business can track how many times a card has been shared, by whom and to whom it has been shared.  And it allows a business to directly connect on a repeated basis with the users who have received one of their cards. There was a time when paper cards would either pile up and never be seen again, or just be thrown away. We have all been guilty of accepting a business card and tossing it away. At the same time, we have all suffered the consequences of receiving a card that we did throw away and months later wish that we could remember the name of the company that sells the products or services that we now need. The power that we are leveraging with our digital Mobicard is limitless. Our enterprise platform will allow businesses to take advantage of every “bit” of extensive data analytics and facilitate the ability to directly connect their business to the clients who are most likely to need their products and services.

In 2021, do business people still use the classic paper-based business card to introduce themselves to other people?

I believe there are still businesses that are using traditional business cards. But, in my opinion, it may just be a formality, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. People are universally more aware of communicable disease, and with Covid-19 no one wants to take someone else’s business card. Right? So, I think the market has been primed for a proprietary solution like  Mobicard. Most businesses have moved their marketing efforts to the digital platforms on social media. However, using those platforms doesn’t really give a business the ability to analyze  the effectiveness of those marketing strategies. Using our platform, businesses as well as individual users who sign up, can know instantaneously. Mobicard gives specific data to who opened your card and when. Mobicard’s  solution is the natural progression of business cards and business networking. As a Mobicard user, I can share my Mobicard with you over the phone by email or by text message. It is simply that easy. I firmly believe that the traditional business card industry will be disrupted by our technology in a major way. Yes, I doubt we will be cutting down trees for the archaic paper business card industry in the next few years. Businesses are still using paper cards, but that will change as more and more people learn about the Mobicard solution. Your readers may be some of the first early adaptors after reading this article and downloading their own Mobicard from the app store.

With so many business men and women using smartphones these days, it is difficult to believe a digital business card was not created previously. However, as Sodaitis states, “change takes time”.  Now, businesses are pushing harder than ever to move onto social media platforms and go digital. The reasons have been partly to do with the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems that Mobicard is in the right place at the right time.

Josh Sodaitis-2

According to published marketing data, 81% of cell phone owners use a smartphone. Why has it taken so long for a digital business card to be introduced into the market and widely adopted?

Companies are slow to adapt, especially larger, more bureaucratic institutions. Change takes time. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has allowed our society to adapt to new digital alternatives. The fact that businesses are aggressively migrating to social networking platforms reinforces the fact that  businesses are reaching out to new technologies to create fresh marketing opportunities. However, with so many different options, managing business marketing on each platform becomes very time intensive. In fact, many large companies have created new employee positions specifically to manage their social media footprint. In an effort to optimize a business’ digital footprint, the Mobicard provides a direct source of marketing, not a secondary or tertiary source. Unlike so many other platforms, we are creating a targeted marketing environment in which businesses can thrive.

From an individual user’s standpoint, the Mobicard is a revolutionary way of managing his or her own digital footprint. It becomes a single source of sharing all of his or her contact information and social media links. Furthermore, the Mobicard enables users to know who opens their card by giving real-time notifications when others access their Mobicard.

In short, the Mobicard will allow both the business user and the individual user to control their own networking and marketing efforts. This is the year for exponential growth for Mobicard as businesses and individuals look for new ways to connect and network as professionals in this new post-pandemic world.

What are some of the features on the Mobicard app that allow users to introduce themselves, get to know others, and to network?

It’s so simple. With Mobicard you now say: “Hey,  let me give you my card. What’s your cell phone number?” If the person asks “Why?” You simply say; “to send you my Mobicard (my digital business card) so you can save it into your contacts.” Most of the time, if this person is a serious lead or connection, they say ‘that’s really cool.” And, they give you their cell phone number. It is as easy as clicking the “share button” on the Mobicard. Then, you ask for their first, and last name. You punch in their data into the required fields, enter their cell phone number and click done. BOOM! They get a text message within five to 10 seconds. They will click on the text they receive and open your card. There are multiple ways to share a Mobicard. Text, email. Whatsapp, and  even via a Zoom call. We are no longer dependent on a face-to-face interaction to share our contact information, and even more specifically our digital footprint. The potential for networking becomes limitless. And, the coolest part of the Mobicard is that you can create settings within the Mobicard app that send you a push-notification, email, or text message that says, “John Smith opened your Mobicard and his mobile phone number is…” This alert feature will enable you to know every single time he opens your card so for future purposes you can reach back out to him and say, “Hey I saw you opened my Mobicard any questions or help I could give you?” This is one of our patented solutions that allows business users to have more timely follow up with a much more targeted client base.

Just imagine for a second being on a video conference call and making a few new connections. With Mobicard you can literally share your card to anybody you want over the call from miles and miles apart and capture their information at the same time enabling you to reach back out to them either via phone or email any time you want. Even better with the proprietary solution of Mobicard enabling third party sharing. The “public share” feature allows the people you share your card with to now open your card and “share it” with anyone they want to as well. So now imagine you share your card over that video call to one of the participants. The call ends and you go about your business the next day you get a text message that says, “John Smith shared your card with Jane Doe, Jane’s mobile number is….” This is possible due to the third party share feature. You see John Smith must have spoken to someone in his connections that was looking for your goods or services and he must have told them he has a good connection for them so he opened your card (whether he has the app or not it still works for him to retrieve your information) and he has shared your card with someone else. You now have a lead generated for you all because you shared Mobicard with one person. You now can call Jane and say, “hey I saw you opened my Mobicard and John shared it with you, I wanted to introduce myself and see how I could help you.”

If a user has shared their card to one other person or to thousands of others, is when our third and fourth party share really creates huge value (when someone shares your card to someone else). This proprietary Mobicard solution allows users to see the profile of who has seen or  shared your card. The major connection is through your card and the other networked connection is business generated through the power of Mobicard through those you have shared your card with.

Sodaitis has been with the company since joining the board in 2017. He became CEO in late 2018 before it had any mobile apps or even a technology platform has been the core driving force of what the company has transformed into; the powerhouse for connecting people and businesses  it is today.

Mobicard was founded in 2007, 10 years before you joined. Is it difficult to come into a company as CEO a decade after its launch or is it an easier situation as you miss some of the early teething issues?

Actually, Mobicard was not founded in 2007. It was Peer To Peer Network that was founded in 2007. Mobicard merged into PTOP in 2015 in an asset acquisition. This can be seen in an 8K filed with the SEC that year. I had been involved at the inception of Mobicard but it took quite awhile to replace management, build a product, and bring in the resources needed to be at the point we are today.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the company? It can be assumed that a digital business card would be a massive benefit to business people as it prevents them from physically holding a paper card.

It may sound weird but it has helped us a lot. Larger organizations that wouldn’t have been as receptive to us prior to the pandemic are more receptive now. I think also companies are seeking out new ways to connect as opposed to us seeking out companies. Because of COVID-19, in-person interactions were virtually eliminated which forced B2B and B2C outreach to take a completely different approach from years past. Mobicard realized this and we are capitalizing on it, through our all-in-one app, users are able to access informative data based on networking performance and activity to gain a big-picture understanding of the number of card shares, views, and other information that helps drive a more informed networking experience. Though the networking landscape was changed because of the pandemic, Mobicard is urging business professionals to use this time to re-engage with existing contacts to revive business conversations.

“Though the world feels like it stopped because of the pandemic, business is pushing ahead and people need to do the same in order to keep growing in their respective industry. Mobicard is the demise of the paper business card but the solution to networking in the pandemic and beyond” — Joshua Sodaitis

No matter what’s going on in the world, follow up can be difficult, but it’s necessary. Though it might feel strange to reconnect with someone during a pandemic, there are ways to create meaningful and personal interactions and it begins with Mobicard. The answer to networking and conducting business connections during the Coronavirus is MOBICARD! I literally suggest a great way for people to drum up more business or new business. It is so simple to use check it out for yourself for free for the 1st 500,000 users.

Download the Mobicard app in your app store, create and personalize your card. Then share it to each and every contact that you have as an excuse to start a new discussion. Say, “Hey this is my new business card, please connect again and add me to your contacts.” You will get direct text notifications of each person that opens your card, you can view more detailed data analytics when you log in to your account on your laptop through our website,, and get even more details about who you should follow up with.

Sodaitis is fully focused on his work at Mobicard and driving the company forward as CEO and Chairman of the Board. He has extensive experience outside of the paper business card disrupting business, however. Sodaitis previously ran his own consulting firm that worked with an extensive range of clients on a number of different topics. Since 2017, Sodaitis has put his consulting on the backburner to work exclusively with Mobicard.

Joshua Sodaitis-2

Joshua, you are also the Managing Director of Momentum Capital Consulting. How do you balance both careers and do they overlap in some of the work you do?

I have put 100% of my efforts into Mobicard since the end of 2017. My consulting company Momentum Capital Consulting was meant for me to give business advice and construct various structures and protocols, help construct marketing programs, improve efficiency, and productivity amongst other things as well. In 2014, when I founded that company I was given two board seats from a company called Allied Plasma who were working on a mobile Plasma Gasification unit. I worked with hiring a securities attorney and helped coordinate a rough draft PPM to submit to the attorney to keep costs down (always cheaper to have documents edited or amended than written from scratch) as well as set up a capital structure and an offering. As well as structuring and executing an intensive outreach program to various hedge funds and venture capital firms to help them secure funding. I also applied for a grant on behalf of the company.

Today Allied Plasma Inc. has re-tooled its engineering efforts and are focused on solution sets for hazardous waste generating customers in the USA, Brazil, Nigeria, Mexico, and developing nations in the Middle East and North Africa. For more information follow this link

In 2017, when I was just a board member for Mobicard, my work did overlap some. Some of my other past clients in my consulting company helped to minimize their expenses to maximize their profitability. We helped a yoga mat company based in Massachusetts lower their costs significantly and structured and executed an outreach marketing program for them back in 2017. That was the last contract Momentum Capital Consulting has had. I just don’t have the time to run both companies.

Investors can find Mobicard on the Stock Market. What are some of the benefits investors have when investing in Mobicard?

I think that we are undervalued. There is always an advantage to investing in a company that is undervalued right? Eventually the market will catch up. More probable than not that the stock will go up. One of my main focuses right now is completing the strategic goal of getting our historic SEC financials done and getting the financials updated to being “current”. I think this event will have a major impact on our stock price to the upside when completed. One benefit is that there is no other proprietary digital business card that holds two granted Utility patents. These are assets we will be excited to show on our books when the financials are current. I think Mobicard has a billion dollar potential. The market applies to every gender, every race, and even every age over 18!

Investing now before the company has its financials completed will most likely lead to big gains. We also offer a direct purchase program where qualified accredited investors can purchase restricted Class A common shares directly from the company at a deep discount to the market price right now. This has helped us have capital to pay to complete our strategic objectives.

GROWTH, GROWTH & MORE GROWTH! The growth for this proprietary concept is pretty obvious to see. Every professional will want to have a Mobicard and that means we  are in our infancy stage still crawling, as this grows exponentially, so will our stock.

Go green, go Mobicard! Digital business cards are better for the environment and it is just a matter of time before everyone catches on to this. Eventually, I think our stock will realize this as well. Mobicard shareholders can also be users. If you are a shareholder you can directly increase the probability of the company growing and increasing its stock value simply by sharing your card to everyone you know. Digital business cards are better for businesses as it lowers their costs and makes them more efficient and productive. Being involved in a company with this many strengths this early on, with proprietary patented applications at this early stage in our development has the most amount of upside, if you ask me.

Joshua, what is in store for the future of Mobicard? 

Growth, more growth, and even more growth after that. I am a big believer in the fundamentals being key to any company’s future. We have a few tricks up the sleeve for the year 2021. Aside from new additions to our team, we plan to roll out a redesign of the app. This design will include some cool new features while removing some features that were just not utilized and made the app more confusing. We are going to make the app so simple to use that it will be even better than it is now. Aside from continuing to improve our core business product, I plan to get our financials current and I think shareholders will finally see some real long-term value being achieved. My vision is just starting to take shape.

What is a day in your life like?

Busy, exciting, fun, stressful, tedious, playful… All depends on the day. Everyday is different. Testing the apps for an entire weekend was fun and tedious all at the same time. Days dealing with the civil litigator to go over the terms and conditions was boring… The days I talk with my shareholders is fun and playful, but depending on the shareholder could be tough and stressful. Dealing with the press has been good so far. Working with accountants has been intense. Really varies. Some days I start work at 5am and don’t stop until after midnight. It is a lot of hard work, especially now going into our growth phase.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I got married in October of 2020!


Can you share two of your favorite quotes with us?

My Favorite: “You see things and you say ‘Why’.  But I dream things that never were and I say ‘Why not’.”    -Luigi Pirandello

“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” –Dr. Albert, Szent- Györgyi

Mobicard is an exciting digital tool that helps business men and women connect. Yet, it is far different than anything that has come before it. Unlike social media, you have the ability to track views of your card and reach out to those people who have seen it. You can see the last 5 people who opened your card and their phone number or email.  The days of old-fashioned, paper-based business cards are over. Now, there is a new way to connect that is not only efficient, but environmentally friendly.

As Sodaitis stated, businesses have been slow to change their methods in recent years. The combination of a global pandemic and younger individuals working in the business world are changing the ways businesses adapt. Mobicard has a bright future and it may not be long before people are exchanging Mobicards rather than businesses cards. Got Mobicard?

​MobiCard has created a game changer in the networking arena thanks to its exclusive and revolutionary customizable digital business card platform. MobiCard is an all-in-one digital application for networking, lead generation analytics, and business card exchange and connects businesses with other businesses or potential customers. In a matter of seconds, business professionals can distribute, share, and view the analytics of card shares, views, and other various features that will empower users to capitalize on leads and improve their communication for fast, efficient networking. This is especially beneficial as the ability to make in-person connections diminished last year because of the pandemic. This flexible and robust application makes exchanging contact information virtually a seamless experience. There’s no limit to the creativity and ingenuity this app can provide for businesses and professionals alike as it provides an innovative networking solution that’ll disrupt the traditional paper business card business. Download MOBICARD in your app store or visit the website at

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