Kamal Kaur Founder & CEO of Davinci11

Kamal Kaur has achieved great success in her career. Currently, the founder and CEO of Davinci11, Kaur has worked for some of the biggest corporations during the last two decades. The Stanford Business School graduate has worked in product management for Yahoo! and Samsung to name just two major companies. But now, as the leader of her own marketing cloud blockchain company, Kaur hopes to leaves a lasting legacy with the business she has created.

As part of Kaur’s work, she has been the driving force behind the creation of Lydian. Lydian is the first marketing company designed for cryptocurrencies. It is an innovative creation, and one that Kaur believes will change marketing in the future.

Through the Lydian cryptocurrency, the coin or token holders can purchase artificial intelligence-based digital marketing and advertising services. It is an inventive concept  establish by Kaur, who has been at the forefront of creativity during her career.

Recently, Kaur took time out of her busy schedule to sit down and speak to Totalprestige Magazine about her life, Lydian and much more.

Kamal, can you please tell us about Davinci11 and services you provide?

Davinci11 is a marketing cloud powered by our artificial intelligence engine, Mona Lisa. The number 11 is not to be confused for a numeric value. It represents the 1:1 blend of art and science. By creating a perfect blend for the marketers with the mathematical decision-making, we bring the personalization of brand messaging to its best.

Can you tell us what led you to create Lydian, your company’s blockchain subsidiary?

First, let me correct, Lydian is not just the blockchain platform. We certainly started to encounter the development of our products on blockchain, to create a foundation for us. Blockchain based advertising products strive to provide three fundamental core capabilities: accountability, transparency and the ability to get rid of the middlemen.

In our R&D labs, once we started to develop these products and further engaged in product development, we realized blockchain would be a much slower process as it is limiting on the issue of speed. To solve this, and other factors that would hinder the sector development, what we needed was to think outside the box. Now, this is something we do really well at this company. Our team started to experiment on new venues of problem solving. We didn’t enter in this cryptocurrency venue to just create a coin and let people trade it. We entered to make a difference by leveraging the framework’s defined capabilities and then to develop on top of it.

For us the journey of Lydian started to create an application. This has been the driving force and solid foundation for us to innovate and build our products. We are now looking to create a blockless directed acyclic graph (DAG), which solves the problem of speed without compromising the transparency and accountability of the blockchain framework. This has been a game changer for us, as DAG solves, not only the problems of our industry, but of many other sectors.

Please tell us what makes the Lydian platform unique and stand out from competitors?

Merely for your audience, the origination for our name Lydian, stems as a homage to the Lydian Society as they were the first human civilization to use currency.

On the differentiation note, our competitors have been busy using buzzwords and whitepapers to gain traction for their products. Most of these are still in the idea inception phase. Meanwhile, we have phase one of our product fully functional and ready for use on day one.

As we continue to charter ahead, we are going to stay true to our focus and build products that will solve problems in our industry. Currently, we are using a blockless method to solve our immediate industry’s challenges.

Kamal, can you explain the Lydian token and the ICO and pre-ICO offerings?

ICO is currently ongoing until Feb 14, 2018. Feel free to participate by going to tokensale.lydian.io

How did you begin your career and what have been some of the highlights?

I’ve worked with companies that are large and bureaucratic. What I love the most is when I can take control of my own destiny. Difference between working at large companies versus small companies is that I get to create working products that will change the industry’s dynamics.

In a startup, I get to enjoy being part of the entire product journey cycle, from the origination of an idea to product launch. I most enjoy being in the emerging technology sector. I have seen a tremendous evolution at a record speed within digital tech from desktop to mobile to IoT to big data to now machine learning.

Of course, working in the startup environment, there are the ups and downs. However, even in those experiences I find inspiration to stay persistent, to keep chasing my dreams and to not give up.

How do you find inspiration?

Anytime I need inspiration, I look at my son.  He is the focal point of my life.

Outside of being a great CEO, he keeps me grounded and inspires me to be a great mother. I enjoy spending time with him socially and through his school activities.

What is the most challenging part of your work?

There are and always be will be ‘ups and downs’. Life is about dealing with ‘downs’ and celebrating the ‘ups’. It is important to celebrate the wins no matter how small they are. It is those ‘ups’ that give us the hope to continue to strive forward to achieving our dreams. We need to find a way to keep the ‘hope’ alive. It helps us get through the difficult time. It keeps us believing that our success is just around the corner.

What do you have your sights set on next?

These are interesting times, full of change. And, change creates opportunities. Right now, opportunities are tremendous. Innovation across various sectors is happening at  lightning speed. Disruption is always on the horizon. Businesses have a choice to either become the disruption or be disrupted.

At Lydian, we are always looking for ways to lead the disruption. We are changing the sector through AI and blockless framework by innovating and personalizing advertising for our consumers.

Kamal, were you ever influenced by other entrepreneurs?

Well, I am related to a one whom I believe is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs.

Outside of that, there is a long list of entrepreneurs who have made an inspiring impact in this world. To seek inspiration from these leaders is a way to remind ourselves that by believing in ourselves we hold the power to endless possibilities. For my siblings and I, that one person who taught us to always believe in ourselves is my grandmother.

What is a day in your life like?

Well, most days are an early start and sleep deprived. Life as an entrepreneur has its moments. Some days are full of stress. Some days leave me wondering when will this end. And, some days are full of inspiration, empowering me to drive the charge forward. Regardless of the cyclic moments, I would not trade the journey as the success at the end makes all the sacrifices worthwhile.

What makes you smile?

Knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of people through my work and philanthropic efforts.

By doing something for our community and returning the favor to those who helped us, we leave a legacy of making this world a better place. I don’t believe we need to change the whole world with one effort. Even if we can make a positive difference within our neighborhoods, schools, communities, we become the ‘ripple makers’.  This we learn as we age gracefully.

What scares you?


What is your greatest achievement?

My son.

What is your secret talent?

I used to be a magician, but don’t tell David Copperfield. He might get mad!

My talent is to make people smile and take a load off their shoulders during the difficult times.

We can make a big difference in people’s lives by doing little things. We all carry bags of challenges across our shoulders. On this journey called life, as we travel we can make our time more enjoyable by saying hello to someone in need, listening to them attentively, and helping them realize that the clouds of life are only temporary. By doing small things, even a single person holds the power to make a sizable positive difference.

Which historical figure do you most admire?

We have many revered historical figures. For me, it is tough to pick one as the most admired historical figure. In addition, I wasn’t there at the time of their struggles; I don’t know them personally. However, they all have left a path for us to follow.

To me, the figures that inspire me the most are my family, particularly my father, mother and my grandmother. I have seen their struggles and know that it has been on the heels of their sacrifices that have provided a runway for my life.

Kamal, do you have any hobbies?

Jumping out of planes for skydiving, wind boarding, wingsuiting; anything that is extreme sports, to keep my adrenaline high.  How is that for some hobbies?

Actually, I am afraid of heights. My favorite hobby keeps me well grounded. I enjoy spending time with my family.

What are you never without?


Can you share two of your favorite quotes with us?

“Fear is your worst enemy; risk is your best friend.”  – Anonymous

“If you genuinely want something – teach yourself to be impatient!” – Written by my favorite entrepreneur

What have you sacrificed for success?

If success to an entrepreneur were easy, everyone would be doing this. However, it is not. You have to be willing to give up a lot and risk knowing that despite all the sacrifices, success may be far.

For me, I have sacrificed time with family and friends. I have missed birthdays and special holidays, because I was busy with client meetings or conferences. I have missed Friday night events or weekend trips with friends, because I was focused on the product launch. For an entrepreneur, we are always anxiously and passionately striving to see our dreams come true. Each day and each little win over the struggles takes us one moment closer to our destination.

Of course, entrepreneurs are not born. They are made. You have to be willing to give up a lot to become one. Most people may think there are easier ways to gain success. However, there is no shortcut. As they say, there is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

What advice would you give to anyone starting a new business?

Money should not be the main driving force behind starting a new business. The minute you decide to start a venture solely to achieve wealth, you will make mistakes. Your decisions would be laced with collusion. Start a new venture, because you are passionate about that sector. Aim to make a difference. Aim to leave a legacy behind. Aim to create a path of inspiration for others. Find a driving force and let those reasons to be your guiding light.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

This goes out to all the women that are out there trying to shatter that glass ceiling: I want you to know that I am right there with you. We might have to work harder and we might have to make even more sacrifices to achieve our dreams, but let’s not make these excuses. We will live because one day we will become!

For more information on Kamal Kaur and Lydian, please visit www.Lydian.io.


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