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A lot is going on in US on the stocks and finance front.

First things first, Canadian officials are trying to reexamine Boeing and the approval it has given to Boeing 737 Max jets.

In the last few months, there have been fatal crashes of Boeing and things haven’t been looking so pretty. According to Boeing 737 Max jets, stocks have been down and it has genuinely lowered stocks of the aircraft in the last few months.

Moreover, Five Below has also upgraded their status from buy to now hold. This has been at the Loop Capital Markets. Overall, Five Below improved its merchandising and execution in stores.

Del Taco Restaurants have adjusted their quarterly profits to now 18 cents a share. They are missing their estimates by a penny to a share. In other news, revenue has exceeded their forecasts. The restaurant chain has given a full on earnings forecast to now 47 cents to now 52 cents a share on an adjusted basis. It is now short of their consensus forecasts to 57 cents per share.

Netflix will not be making TV shows at all and it may impact Netflix in the most negative way. Netflix shares may drop and Apple might be announcing a lot in the coming week.

On the other hand, Hastings has preferred that customers will be accompanying the company’s own service too.

In other news and on the market front, there is a 2 day fed meeting to kick off the latter.

Moreover, the Dow (+2.39%) is now aiming to win a fifth win now in a row. Additionally, S&P (SPX) is on a 0.24% rise and now Nasdaq COMP is at +0.44% and is now firming up. The dollar is now at DXY reducing to -0.16%, whereas gold is now higher.

European stocks is now at SXXP 0.57% and higher whereas Asian equities are now weaker and through in and throughout the board.

Big tech companies are also coming along the way- IBM is now at IBM +0.48% whereas Microsoft MSFT is now at 0.17%.

Nvidia NVDA is now rising to 4.77% and Amazon AMZN is now at 2.10% and it will now be using its key data to center chips.

Netflix NFLX is now at -0.83%, whereas CEO Reed Hastings will not be integrating to its Apple service.

In other news, Canadian regulators will be re-examining its approval to BA 0.73% and it will be grounded at 737 Max after its own US probe.

Europe stocks SXXP is now at 0.57% and they are now higher, whereas Asian equities are now crossing and are now across the board.

Overall, the industrial sector is amongst the top three best performing sectors and in S&P 500 this year. It is now rising to 15.7% to date. The gains have now largely led by the General Electric, which is now up by 40 percent in the past year. After a dreadful year, General Electric has also had a dreadful year.

Masco and TransDigm Group is now up by 30% this year and they are now the top 10 performing stocks in space.

Industrial production is now weak and the data generally weaker. It has risen to 0.1% in the past few months and it is lower than expectations. Stocks are rising and industrial production is up by 3.5% in the last 12 months in defense activity, whereas mining sector has increased by 11% each.





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