Leviton is Investing in Solar Power

This project is another evidence of the company’s dedication to the CN2030 Sustainability Programme and will result in one of the biggest retrofit rooftop solar arrays in Scotland.

Leviton has launched a £600,000 expansion in solar power at its Glenrothes production plant, further evidencing the company’s dedication to environmental sustainability.  High-performance fiber optics and copper wiring, as well as custom-made pre-terminated connection components, are produced in the carbon-neutral plant that also acts as the EMEA office for Leviton Network Solutions.

The money is going toward a new client showroom and manufacturing machinery at the Glenrothes location, both of which are part of a multi-million pound expansion and improvement project.

Leviton Network Solutions’ European, Middle Eastern, and African (EMEA) head offices would be located in a state-of-the-art, carbon-neutral production plant in Glenrothes, where they produce high-performance fiber optic and copper wiring as well as custom-built, pre-terminated connection components are produced. “Leviton Network Solutions Europe MD Ian Wilkie said, “Having the capacity to produce renewable power on-site will assist us in counterbalancing surging electricity prices inside the UK as well as reinforcing our dedication to reducing greenhouse gas carbon reduction, working to develop clean, sustainable power, and minimizing our carbon footprint.”

“Once installed, the solar panels will cut down on the business’s yearly energy use by a significant amount.

The local Fife Council’s backing of the initiative is much acknowledged and appreciated by Leviton. All necessary permits for infrastructure and planning have been secured. Beginning in January, the installation is expected to last until early 2023.

“The market’s interest in Leviton’s goods and systems has been quite high. As a result, Leviton is making worldwide investments back into the company with long-term stability in mind “Ross Goldman, EVP and GM of Leviton Network Solutions, made this statement. Goldman is not just an executive in the corporation, but also its Chief Sustainability Officer. Leviton’s goal is to become carbon neutral or negative by 2030, and the firm has set a longer-term goal of being net zero carbon by 2050, therefore the Glenrothes solar panel installation is a part of their CN2030 sustainability policy.

Leviton Network Solutions: A Brief Overview

Copper and fiber cable solutions from Leviton Network Solutions are available from a single supplier across the world. Worldwide, Leviton products may be found in places like data centers, corporations, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, government buildings, and commercial mixed-use marketplaces. Featuring superior performance and the finest service and support in the business, Leviton products are built to last and designed to wow. Experts in IT administration, construction, and other related fields routinely evaluate Leviton products as the best available. Let us help you broaden your professional connections. Visit leviton.com/ns or follow us on Twitter at @LevitonNS for additional information. Visit leviton.com/ns/emea or twitter.com/LevitonNS EU for European consumers.

Concerning Leviton

Leviton meets the demands of today’s household, corporate, and industrial clients throughout the world by designing possibilities that make the future possible. Leviton creates innovative solutions across several industries, including electrical, lighting, internet connections, and energy conservation, to make their customers’ lives simpler, safer, more efficient, and more fruitful. Leviton is where the future begins, thanks to the company’s dedication to its clients, the inventiveness of its people, and the reliability and quality of its products and solutions. Visit leviton.com/, facebook.com/leviton, twitter.com/leviton, or youtube.com/Levitonmfg for additional details.




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