Lin Zhou. CEO & Founder of AndaSeat

Lin Zhou

If you are late to the game, you may not be too familiar with Esports. In 2022, it is estimated Esports will be worth nearly $2 billion. It is a sector that isn’t just about kids playing video games in their bedrooms. Esports features major gaming tournaments with million-dollar prize pools. It also has its own set of gaming athletes that are taking the world by storm.

AndaSeat is a company revolutionizing the world of Esports. The company got into the Esports craze early and has become the leader in Esports-specific chairs. That is right, AndaSeat manufactures ergonomic chairs specifically for gamers to improve their performances.

The company previously built luxury chairs for auto racing and the comfy seats on the sidelines of some of the world’s biggest football stadiums. Now, AndaSeat is powering the gaming revolution. Chief Executive Officer, Lin Zhou, sat down with Totalprestige Magazine to talk about AndaSeat.

Lin, can you start off by telling us about AndaSeat and the chairs the company produces?

AndaSeat, founded in 2007, has been a Sports brand offering seat solutions for football (China National Football team), Volleyball (China volleyball league), and racing cars. From 2013, AndaSeat expanded to Esports providing OEM chairs for leading brands. In 2014, AndaSeat began to offer gaming chairs under its own brand. With all the expertise accumulated in car racing and football, AndaSeat is now dedicated to offering esports chairs to 30-plus countries with the missions to provide professional, healthy and comfortable gaming experiences. AndaSeat now is the second biggest Esports chair supplier worldwide.

AndaSeat has been the official partner of China football team, Disney-Marvel, Ubisoft-Rainbow6, Hasbro-Transformer. In Esports field, AndaSeat is the official chair provider of 2018 WGC, 2018 LDL, and the sponsor to 25 gaming teams including Fnatic, NAVI, EXCEL, JDG, LGD, OMG, V5, VTG, AHQ, etc.

What makes AndaSeat’s office and gaming chairs different from the ones produced by other companies?

We have our own factory and R&D center in China, which makes for better quality. We sell directly to customers. This gives customers a better experience.

How important is it for gamers and office workers to have comfortable chairs that are good for posture?

AndaSeat combines the latest tech on ergonomics with accumulated expertise. We built our very own specialized laboratories to run multiple tests and bring customers the best chairs.

Ergonomics is a science focused on the study of the human body, and its very purpose is to decrease fatigue and discomfort through professional design. When the seats fit the user, the result can be more comfort, more productivity and less stress. After 10 years of study and research, AndaSeat found a method of algorithm – AD+ Design, which focuses on the integral part of design, manufacturing, the users’ postures, motions, and distance and space between the human body and each part of the chair.

Anda Seat

Is the gaming and esports market under-appreciated by most mainstream companies? Has AndaSeat found a niche that others have overlooked?

Yes! That is why we manufacture large size chairs and chairs for female gamers. There is no one-size fits all at AndaSeat.

What lead you to create the brand AndaSeat?

Nowadays, many foreign companies or big foreign brands are investing in China, trying to establish and find manufacturers and processors. Although, this makes China the world’s largest manufacturer of products, but want to come up with a purely our products really can not take out, think about it is quite regrettable.

So, in some nominal sense, China is a manufacturing power, but in fact it is reduced to an international labor market, a world market of cheap labor. All these pains tell me that Chinese enterprises need to master the core technology and innovation consciousness, create the world brand, and improve their status and prestige in the world to revitalize.

At the same time, I also want to bring good products to users, so that they can enjoy a good life with happiness, comfort and health in the process of use.

In just a few years AndaSeat has become a well-known domestic and international gaming chair brand, can you share with us the secret of your success?

In my opinion, there is no secret to life, now for me is a new departure, but still can share personal experience, I feel that only do a good job of saying three points:

  1. Persistence, do not forget the original intention
  2. Brand, product quality
  3. Independent, R & D innovation

Can you tell us about some of the AndaSeat premium chairs such as the Kaiser 3 and Transformers chair that you previously showcased via Facebook?

The  Kaiser 3 chair is one of the most attractive products that AndaSeat has ever produced. Upgraded version of AndaSeat Best Seller-Kaiser 2! Same firm and comfortable overall support with new magnetic features-easier to install and adjust to fit all the positions. New magnetic tabletop can bring more convenience for your WFH life.

Kaiser 3

The Kaiser 3

Transfromers is our newest IP series in 2022, co-designed chair with Hasbro based on the Transfromers Cartoon  Character Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Megatron, we’d like to pay tribute to the classic through our work and give back to the Transformers community.

Like it and enjoy it. All the materials we selected are of high quality and durable. The PVC leather is the same as luxury racing cars. The high density foam underneath can provide firm support and also a cozy sitting experience. The backrest of this chair can be tilted from 90 to 160 degrees with angle lock at different positions, so it is quite suitable for gaming and napping.

Bublebee with pillows

Bublebee with pillows

Megatron with pillows

Megatron with pillows

Optimus Prime with pillows

Optimus Prime with pillows

What is the future of AndaSeat? Is there a plan to sponsor more esports teams and to further its grip on the gaming industry as the go-to chair for gamers?

Yes, we are planning to work with more great teams. We aim to become the leading brand of the gaming chair industry. Just like our slogan, “the best for the best,” we always want to provide the best product for the best players.

K 3

K 3

Lin, what is a day in your life like?

Always thinking.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I am a sports and music fan. I like playing football, badminton, ping pong. Folk music and country music are my favorite types of music.

What makes you smile?

Acquiring new knowledge and applying it to life.

What scares you?

Standing still makes me feel worried and scared. Always stay hungry, stay foolish.

If you had the power to change just one thing in the world, what would it be?

To change myself to be a better man.

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