Luxury Homeware at Its Finest: Posh Trading Company

Imagine stepping into a world where every detail whispers sophistication and timeless elegance. This is the reality engineered by Posh Trading Company, the creation of award-winning interior designer Sarah Ward. Recognized as the Best Luxury Table & Homeware in England at the 2024 Luxury Lifestyle Awards, Posh Trading Company has established itself as a leader in luxury homeware, offering a carefully compiled collection that elevates every space within your home.

Founded in 2015, Posh Trading Company boasts a legacy built on Sarah Ward’s keen eye for design and focus on quality. Joined by Carl Turpin, the duo has transformed Posh Trading Company into a sanctuary for those who seek to infuse their homes with a touch of the extraordinary.

Manifesting Memories, One Table Setting at a Time

The heart of a home often lies in its dining room, a space where memories are made and stories are shared. Posh Trading Company understands this sentiment perfectly. Their exquisite collection of handcrafted matboxes and placemats elevates the art of table setting. Crafted from the finest materials, these pieces are built to endure, ensuring a timeless elegance that transcends fleeting trends. Whether you envision a classic or contemporary aesthetic, Posh Trading Company’s sleek and sophisticated designs seamlessly complement any style, adding a touch of understated luxury to every gathering.

Beyond Functionality: The Art of the Coaster

A well-placed coaster is more than just a practical necessity; it’s a subtle detail that speaks volumes about your commitment to refined living. Posh Trading Company’s collection of luxury coasters transcends mere utility. Each piece is handcrafted, offering a perfect marriage of form and function. From the opulent gleam of gold leaf to the depth and sophistication of black lacquer, these unique coasters elevate your space, adding a touch of understated luxury that complements both contemporary and traditional decors.

Transforming the Mundane into a Sanctuary

The bathroom is no longer just a utilitarian space; it’s a refuge where you unwind after a long day or find rejuvenation in the morning. Posh Trading Company recognizes this and offers a collection of bathroom accessories designed to elevate your everyday experience. Investing in high-quality pieces from Posh Trading Company allows you to create a space that reflects your own style and promotes a sense of calm and well-being.

The Power of a Functional Workspace

The lines between work and home have blurred, making a designated workspace essential. Posh Trading Company understands the importance of a well-designed home office, a space that fosters productivity and inspires creativity. Their collection of desk accessories goes beyond aesthetics, offering a range of beautiful pieces that flawlessly blend elegance with functionality. These finishing touches transform your workspace into an inspiring haven that echoes your personal style and cultivates focus.

A Touch of Luxury: Trays for Every Occasion

From hosting guests to showcasing treasured keepsakes, a well-chosen tray is an essential element in any home. Posh Trading Company’s decorative trays are precisely crafted to cater to your every need. Each piece is thoughtfully designed, combining functionality with captivating style. Their diverse range ensures that you’ll find the perfect tray to impeccably integrate into your existing decor, offering a touch of understated luxury for everyday use.

Mastering the Aesthetics

For those seeking to elevate their space with unique and captivating accents, Posh Trading Company offers a hand-selected collection of decorative items. Imagine elegant candle holders that cast a warm glow, luxurious bronze bowls that add a touch of opulence, and other specially made pieces designed to infuse your home with sophistication. Every item embodies exact attention to detail, transforming even the most ordinary space into a haven of refined luxury.

A Fusion of East and West: Furniture

Posh Trading Company’s passion for exquisite design extends further than individual pieces. Through their collaboration with MUSE Design, a renowned creative workshop based in the Far East, they offer a stunning collection of accent furniture. This unique range reflects a design philosophy that embraces the beauty of both Asian and European aesthetics. Natural materials, organic forms, and captivating textures come together in a remarkable display of craftsmanship. Inspired by Art Deco, the furniture utilizes materials like shagreen, parchment, bronze, natural lacquer, onyx, and gold and silver leaf. The result is a collection of supreme quality and breathtaking beauty, perfect for those seeking to add a touch of the exotic to their home.

Posh Trading Company: More Than Just Luxury

With Posh Trading Company’s exquisite collections, they empower you to design a home that reflects your unique personality and elevates your everyday living experience. Every piece whispers of quality, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance.  Whether you’re seeking to create a formal dining room that exudes sophistication, a tranquil bathroom that promotes relaxation, or a home office that inspires productivity, Posh Trading Company offers the perfect pieces to translate your vision into reality.

Experience the Posh Difference

Posh Trading Company invites you to embark on a journey of exquisite design. Visit their website to explore their collections and discover the transformative power of luxury homeware.

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