Luxury Mediterranean Holidays

5 Holiday Hotspots For 2018

Nothing says luxury holiday more than a trip to the Mediterranean coastline. The Mediterranean’s long, meandering coast offers an abundance of luxury holiday destinations. Thirteen European countries rub up against the beautiful shimmering blue waters of the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, another 10 nations border the sea from North Africa and the Middle East.

Holidaymakers are spoiled for choice when it comes to Mediterranean luxury holiday hotspots. Some offer old-school luxury and have been destinations for decades. Others are new ports of call that travelers will return to time and again.

The Mediterranean Sea and its coastline have long been the playground of the rich and famous. Now, it is the destination for many globetrotters seeking some sophistication. Luxury holidays don’t come any better than on the Mediterranean coastline.


Everything about Monaco screams luxury. The name Monaco evokes thoughts of money, high-rollers sipping martinis in casinos and fast cars. The principality acts as an exclusive club to the wealthy. One in three of Monaco’s 38,000 residents is a millionaire. During a holiday to the Mediterranean city, there is a good chance travelers will rub elbows with actors, sports stars, politicians, millionaire business owners and royalty.

The year-round weather in Monaco is perfect for holidaymakers. Whether travelers descend on the local beaches, take to the high seas on a yacht or just want to stroll the city’s streets, Monaco’s balmy climate makes every day feel like paradise.

One of the main attractions in Monaco is the Monte Carlo Casino. High-rollers flock to the casino to be seen by other wealthy travelers and residents of the principality. The casino is striking on the outside with its gardens and fountain. Inside travelers will find a luxuriously decorated casino with marble floors and crystal chandeliers. Visitors shouldn’t miss the terrace where they can wager fortunes outdoors.

Don’t miss: Every year, Formula One race cars speed through the city’s streets during the Monaco Grand Prix. It is one of the top motorsport races in the world, but it isn’t the typical gearhead event one would expect. F1 attracts wealthy owners and fans, which is far different than other racing circuits like NASCAR. The Monaco GP takes place in May and goes well with a luxury holiday to the city-state.


While the French Riveria gets all the headlines, Italy’s version of the Mediterranean coastline is just as striking. Situated in the northwest of the Italian peninsula, thousands of people visit the beaches of the region each year. Portofino is the current swanky hotspot for holidaymakers. The town’s harbor is a mecca of rich, fashion conscious travelers and film stars. As the European summer comes to an end, Portofino is a typical destination for those clinging to warm weather for just a little longer.

The colorful buildings of Portofino line up right against the shoreline, while the region’s rugged, tree-lined landscape provides a lush green background. Yachts sail in and out of the harbor throughout the day, and the view of Portofino from the sea is truly magical.

Portofino has a number of extravagant Italian restaurants that serve food to die for. Many restaurants have terraces that overlook the Med. It is a romantic spot to dine and an unforgettable way to watch the sunset over the Italian Riveria.

Don’t miss: Portofino provides visitors with a wealth of outdoor activities. Thanks to its lush and rugged landscape, the region is perfect for hiking or mountain biking. Portofino National Park is located nearby and holidaymakers can experience its beauty on foot. After travelers stretch their legs, the pizzetta is the perfect place to end the day. Enjoy a coffee or delicious glass of Nostralino wine.


Compared to other Mediterranean luxury holiday destinations, Malta is an often-overlooked country. Located between North Africa and Italy, Malta is an island nation with gorgeous architecture and glamorous beaches. Around 1.6 million travelers visit Malta each year. Although popular for holidays, Malta still pales in comparison to other destinations around the Mediterranean Sea.

Malta is filled with history that many travelers are unaware of upon arrival. The country’s capital, Valletta, has a number of museums that tell the story of Malta’s turbulent past. The island is perfect for culture vultures who love to explore the rich past of a destination. Thanks to the island nation’s small size, travelers can move around Malta quite freely. This allows for visitors to sightsee and experience the island’s full range of offerings.

Malta’s northern coastline is a holiday hotspot. Travelers will find resorts lining the beaches. Anyone looking for a five-star hotel with an expansive beach can easily find one. Malta’s weather makes a beach holiday possible nearly all year-round. Summers are warm and sunny and provide ample opportunities to gain a dark Mediterranean tan. Meanwhile, winters are mild and give snowbirds the chance to thaw out.

Don’t miss: History lovers shouldn’t miss the chance to see Mdina. Known as the Silent City, Mdina is located just a few miles from Valletta. Mdina is an ancient walled city founded in the 6th century BC. The city’s old cobblestone streets lead visitors past buildings and cathedrals that passed through the hands of the Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs. Travelers who love to add history to their luxury holiday shouldn’t miss out on Mdina.


The Greek Island is famed for its cuisine and holidaymakers will have ample opportunity to sample the locale delicacies. Crete lies further south than any other Greek Island. This allows it to have a slightly warmer climate year-round and to grow foods longer than the other islands. Moreover, visitors can head to Crete before summer hits the rest of Europe to get an early taste of the season. Summer starts early and ends late on Crete; which leaves the rest of the continent green with envy.

Chania is the most popular holiday destination on Crete and a perfect resort town for travel fun. While Chania, and Crete as a whole, is steeped in history, it is truly a destination for a beach getaway. Holidaymakers will have plenty of choice when it comes to beaches around Chania. There are 40 beaches in the area. Travelers can sample the rich golden sands and azure waters of a new beach each day.

After a lazy day at the beach, visitors should descend on the harbor. The waterfront is packed with great local restaurants and bars. Watch the sunset while sipping wine or champagne in this little Greek slice of heaven.

Don’t miss: The Domes Noruz hotel is a five-star escape that can’t be missed. Located next to its very own beach, the Domes Noruz offers a stylish design based on the local Venetian architecture of Chania. Visitors can enjoy a dip in one of the large swimming pools while a house DJ plays relaxing music. It is the perfect hotel to relax in after a hard day of chilling on the beach. Life doesn’t get any better when visiting the Greek Island.


Barcelona is one of Europe’s crown jewels. The Spanish city is a hot tourist location and one that never goes out of style. Hip, historic and filled with luxury attractions, Barcelona is hard to beat. No other Spanish city has the lure of Barcelona thanks to a number of factors including nightlife, cuisine, history and much more.

The city’s Mediterranean weather makes it a year-round destination. Even in winter, Barcelona’s weather is enjoyable and holidaymakers can easily travers the city’s streets. During the summer, the hot, sunny days allow everyone to hit the boulevards and Barcelona truly comes to life.

La Ramblas dissects the city, and it takes people into the heart of Barcelona. The vibrant street is always filled with people and it is an area in which travelers can find a variety of attractions. History and architecture are on show throughout a stay in Barcelona. Holidaymakers will find Antoni Gaudi’s famous La SagradaFamilia. The iconic cathedral is an unmissable part of Barcelona’s cityscape. It is a must-visit attraction on any visit to the city.

Sun worshippers can rejoice when booking a luxury holiday to Barcelona. The city has nearly five kilometers of beaches. Numerous five-star resorts are located around the city and each offers a fantastic beach break for guests.

Don’t miss: Ocata Beach is located just north of Barcelona. Thanks to its location, Ocata is more relaxed and experiences fewer tourists than the city’s other beaches. Ocata’s location makes it ideal in summertime when more people are looking for a place to escape the city’s heat. The area may have fewer amenities, but visitors can expect more privacy than at the other beaches in Barcelona. There are a few small bars that serve drinks and food to sun worshippers throughout the day, but overall, Ocata is a getaway from Barcelona’s busiest beaches.



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