Luxury Places To Visit This Year

Aurora Anguilla

After two years of being beaten down by a worldwide pandemic, the world is slowly getting back to normal. One aspect of life that is experiencing a return is travel and 2022 will see plenty of holidaymakers setting off for far-flung destinations.

Unique travel destinations are on the agenda for many people. Yet, it isn’t just one-of-a-kind locations that travelers want in 2022. Destinations off the beaten path and away from other travelers are very attractive post-pandemic.

Luxury locations don’t have to be the run of the mill destinations. Whether you want a snowy holiday or a beach getaway, the destinations on our list will suit your needs.

Fairbanks, Alaska

You may not be ready to be around people in 2022, but still want a holiday. That is completely understandable after the last two years. It doesn’t get much more remote than Alaska, so book a trip to Fairbanks to get away from the world.

There, you will find wilderness outside of Fairbanks’ borders, although the city isn’t that large with just over 31,000 residents. If you are looking for an extraordinary place to stay, then look no further than the Borealis Basecamp. It may sound like you are roughing it, but the Borealis Basecamp is far from a hard time.

Borealis Basecamp

Borealis Basecamp

The hotel is located on a nearly 100-acre plot of boreal forest. The basecamp is perfect for viewing the Northern Lights. You can get away from Fairbanks as the Borealis Basecamp is 45 minutes outside the city.

You will stay in dome-shaped pods with clear tops allowing you to view the Northern Lights. Pods are roughly $339 per night. ATV tours, dog sledding, and other activities will give you the chance to live like an Alaskan.


There is a good chance you are asking yourself, ‘where is Anguilla?’ Well, the island is located in the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea. It is a beach paradise for travelers looking for a warm location for their vacation in 2022. Anguilla has 33 beaches and you can visit each one on a trip to the island.

It is easy to get to Anguilla these days as a direct flight connects the island to Miami. If you don’t want to fly commercial, you can always book a private jet to transport you to the idyllic location.

The Aurora Anguilla is the place to stay on your trip in 2022. The incredible luxury resort doesn’t just welcome guests to its doors, but it has a fleet of jets that transports them from cities across the United States to the island. There is nothing like being transport by private jet by a resort to its exclusive property.

The Aurora Anguilla

The Aurora Anguilla

You will experience butler service, restaurants overseen by chef Abram Bissell, and a 4:1 ratio of staff to guests. The resort itself is a reason to visit Anguilla. If you fancy getting away from the resort, you will find plenty of culture on the island. Yet, you may not want to leave Aurora Anguilla due to the world-class golf and spa.

Faroe Islands

Situated north Scotland, the Faroe Islands are an 18-island archipelago nestled between Norway and Iceland. The Faroe Islands are filled with beautiful landscapes and rustic charm. The islands are rather remote, so once again, if you want to get away from the rest of the world, you can this year.

What makes the Faroe Islands an ideal destination in 2022 is that it hasn’t been explored by your common traveler. You can experience the Faroe Islands, post your Instagram-worthy photos, and be the envy of all your followers.

Hotels and resorts are not too expensive in the Faroe Islands. In fact, you will likely find them to be a bargain. The 2020 James Bond film, No Time to Die, had scenes filmed on Kalsoy Island. It is believed that the scenery from the film will continue to spark tourism for the next year or two. Whether it occurs will be down to travel restrictions around the globe.

Gásadalsgarður Guesthouse

Gásadalsgarður Guesthouse

Although there is a limited amount of luxury accommodation, book a stay at Gásadalsgarður Guesthouse. The hotel is full of character and located in a small town of just 13 residents. The Faroe Islands may be just north of Scotland, but expect an experience more akin to Scandinavia.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas gets knocked down, but gets right back up again. Sin City has appeared in our best places to visit articles previously. It is difficult to leave it out of our list for 2022 coming out of a worldwide pandemic. Las Vegas hurt during the worst parts of the pandemic, yet it is rebounding in a big way.

In June 2021, Resorts World Las Vegas opened and it has become the all-new, ultra-cool place to spend your vacation in Sin City. The resort has three Hilton hotels in one place. There are also 40 restaurants and bars. You do not need to leave Resorts World Las Vegas during your stay.

Conrad Las Vegas

Conrad Las Vegas

Just arrive at Las Vegas Airport, transfer to the resort, and then dive into the swimming pools and spa. Did I mention there are 40 restaurants and bars? The resort also provides entertainment, nightlife, and gaming. Seriously, you don’t have to ever leave the resort unless you just need a break from the excitement.

Along with Resorts World Las Vegas, there are plenty of new things to do in Las Vegas. FlyOver Vegas is a popular new attraction. You will be strapped into a seat and suspended 52.5 feet above a spherical video screen. You will then experience a simulation of a flight over the western US or Iceland. FlyOver Vegas is just one of the cool new attractions in town.

If you do want to try another restaurant or bar, you could visit Delilah at Wynn. It is a hotspot for celebrities and is a hip supper club inspired by 1950s Las Vegas. You can pair a luxury meal with various forms of entertainment including live jazz, DJs, and other artists. You need to book in advance, because it can be very difficult to get into Delilah.

Wynn Delilah

Wynn Delilah



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