Making Quality Time with your Child

Quality time with your kid

Want to spend some quality time with your child? You can make some memories that last forever for your kid. Your attention and time are important for you kid as compared to spending money on trips and toys.

Here are some ways by which you can make some quality time with your kid:

Play with them

Appears quite easy, but do you have any idea how to play with them? Sit on the floor and make cardboard buildings for cars, build forts, and play trucks. Check out the outfits in your home and create a dress-up box, including shoes, purses, hats, and old jewelry. Design a party of tea and follow it.

Read to Your Children

Take a book and start reading one chapter in one day. Make this time unique by involving the best toy, saving a place of reading or involving a pet dog or cat in the story time. You may love to have cookies, hot milk, drink or food but it is not compulsory.

Make Crafts

Simple plates of paper create the best masks for wearing, after that, you can play with those masks. You can easily press leaves or flowers in the book and make art with them later. The projects of salt dough are fun and you can also make different models from the household bottles. Hence, by these things you can amuse your kids of any age.


Every child lives to assist the parents in the kitchen. Buy or make your apron and cookbook, and allow your kid to choose a recipe and assist them in making it, and let him/her do this once in a week. You will be amazed at how you can learn from your kid when you both spend time with each other.

Go on Picnics

All the children like picnics, the thing is making them unplanned. You can pick them from school, take some snacks and travel towards the park, have a picnic, select a theme such as all the red food, or allow them to choose all the foods.

Become a Clown and Be Silly. There is no Need to do Makeup

The children will have the best time enjoying when their parents are not able to check out the thing which is present in front of them. A good example is to get your foot attached to the floor while gluing anything. When the child tries to assist, their hands also get attached to the hands of the parents.

Build a Story

Invite friends of your children at your house. It is quite easy to handle a lot of kids if you are aware of the trick. Make a story collaboratively. The kid initiates the story. Resume it by the addition of another line. After that, there is a turn of the next child and goes on.

In spite of saying “stop”, “go and play for an hour” or “not right now”, just give them time whenever they say. It will hurt your child and he will not come back to you again. Hence, give your child the quality time so that he/she can enjoy your company.





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