Marquise Time by Harry Winston

Marquise Time re imagines the ruff collars favored by European royalty in the mid16th century. The elaborate layers of ruffled fabric were considered the height of elegance and a distinguishing sign of nobility and status. With the Marquise Time, Harry Winston’s superlative design team translates the royal ruff into a majestic timepiece of unparalleled beauty.

Like a rose window in a cathedral, the House’s latest high jewelry timepiece is a brilliant celebration of light and color. Sparkling diamonds and aquamarines, in varying cuts and sizes, together recall the House’s iconic cluster motif.

Presented in two unique styles – 18-karat white gold with diamonds and aquamarines and 18-karat rose gold with diamonds – Marquise Time is a feminine high jewelry design destined to brighten any occasion.

The color of the sea

Watery blue aquamarine stones recall the romance of the sea, in the white gold model of Marquise Time by Harry Winston. The precious stones bring an ethereal quality to a delicate design and perfectly complement the world’s rarest diamonds.

A pearly frame

Precious gem-set petals bring a floral perspective to the 36 mm white gold case of Marquise Time. The outermost petals are adorned with 20 pear-shaped diamonds. Expertly set just below the rare diamonds, 20 pear-shaped aquamarine stones radiate captivating blue hues. The innermost layer shines with 24 round brilliantaquamarines, which perfectly reveal a mother-of-pearl dial. Pearly gold studs embrace the curves and contours of each magnificent gem and showcase the House’s creativity in design.

Radiant sunshine

The all-diamond edition of Marquise Time, set in 18-karat rose gold, embodies the light and warmth of the sun. Like its aquamarine counterpart, the all-diamond model features a combination of pear-shaped and round brilliant stones. By framing each stone with a vintage-inspired pearl motif, the diamond settings seemingly disappear, and depth and volume are brought to the forefront of the design.

Double personality

Versatile in design, Marquise Time can be worn as a traditional wristwatch on a blue or black satin strap or as a pendant on an 18-karat white or rose gold chain. Effortlessly convertible, the case clips in and out of its supporting structure with a simple twist. The brilliance of Harry Winston diamonds comes to life in every detail.

The white and rose gold chains are enhanced with 1 round brilliant diamond on the clasp, and the watch strap buckle is set with 29 round brilliant diamonds. Both models are equipped with a Swiss quartz movement for carefree maintenance and superlative accuracy.



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