Mary Kay’s Scholarship helps a young woman in her dream to become the First Latin American Woman in Space

Ivanna Hernandez

To encourage and support young women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM), the government of the United States will begin awarding Young Women in STEAM Grants in 2020 to those who have made significant contributions in STEAM fields.

Mary Kay, an industry pioneer in promoting women’s equality and fostering scientific advancement, applauds today’s young women for seizing opportunities in STEAM subjects and seizing leadership roles in these industries. In the STEM fields, women account for a disproportionately small percentage of the workplace at 28 percent. Supporting young women in STEAM disciplines is a continuation of Mary Kay’s original commitment to better the lives of women globally.

More young women enrolling in STEAM programs leads to more women pursuing jobs in those areas. According to Dr. Lucy Gildea, Mary Kay Inc.’s Chief Innovation Officer, Marketing and Science, this one in turn enables access to more equitable chances for women, shrinks the gender wage gap, strengthens economies, and reduces prejudice in academic and related sectors. Every day, women throughout the globe are tackling a number of the most complicated challenges via creativity and science—but there is more to be done to acknowledge their efforts, allow them a voice, and raise female participation in STEAM professions.

Why is Mary Kay doing this?

Mary Kay recognizes the achievements of young women all around the globe in the STEAM sectors by awarding grants and promoting a social movement called Young Women in STEAM. Ambitious astrophysicist and aviation lover Ivanna Hernandez from Colombia received funding via the Young Women in STEAM scholarships. The second funding will help her pursue her goal of being the first Latina astronaut, which includes a mission to Mars.

Mary Kay, in honor of World Space Week, produced a film stressing the value of STEAM classes. She did it for girls like Ivanna, who are aspiring to great things in life.

Mary Kay’s ambition for Latin America

She claims that young women in Colombia, and particularly in the aerospace industry, face significant barriers to entering the STEAM profession. She aspires to provide access to education and professions in the STEAM fields for young women in Colombia by raising awareness of the program and following her dream of space travel. When working on a problem or design, the greatest results come from assembling a multifaceted team that can spot every possible issue. Their work supports and fills voids which have been neglected for years due to the fact that women come from a variety of socioeconomic origins and have a wide range of unique requirements.

Mary Kay is pleased to maintain its long-standing dedication to empowering young women through education. They do this through supporting their children’s education and delighting in their success in STEAM fields.

About Mary Kay

Mary Kay Ash, an early pioneer in the movement to end the gender pay gap, started her namesake cosmetics firm in 1963 with the intention of improving the quality of women’s lives. A multibillion-dollar business with millions of individual sales team members in almost 40 countries is the fruition of that goal. Mary Kay is a business incubator that helps women succeed in business by providing them with training, guidance, support, connections, and opportunities to try new things. Mary Kay is committed to producing innovative skincare, cosmetics products, multivitamins, and perfumes by focusing in the science of aesthetics. Mary Kay’s mission is to “enhance lives today for a self-sustaining tomorrow,” and to that end, the company collaborates with non-profits all over the world to do things like advance quality management, fund medical research, safeguard victims of domestic violence, beautify our societies, and inspire children to pursue their passions. Visit to find out more.



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