Maryland’s Warrior Centric Health raises over $1M from TEDCO’s Venture Funds

The company aims to improve health care for neglected Veterans and active-duty military personnel. Technology Enterprise Development Corporation of Maryland (TEDCO) is proud to reveal that its Venture Funds have dedicated investments now of almost $1M in Warrior Centric Health (WCH), a company that empowers health services and practitioners to produce best possible treatment to 75 million former service men and women, active service personnel, and their family members. In Maryland, TEDCO has established permanent Venture Funds to help new startups get off the ground.

Warrior Centric Health received over $1,000,000 in funding from TEDCO, Maryland’s economic powerhouse for innovation and bioscience enterprises.

WCH, headquartered in Ellicott City, Maryland, is a nonprofit with a primary mission of filling up the gaps in healthcare that have contributed to the current problem facing Veterans in the United States. Healthcare facilities will be better equipped to meet the needs of large, varied patient groups of veterans, military members, and their families because to the company’s emphasis on promoting health equality. Nearly 1/4th of the population identifies as part of the Warrior Community; studies conducted by WCH indicate that the vast majority of these individuals get some or all of their healthcare from sources other than the Veterans Health Administration.

They are grateful for the chance to deliver significant ideas to healthcare professionals that will improve results for a huge group of current Warrior patients, and we will continue to promote our goal.

WCH’s Warrior Centric Solution Suite is an all-encompassing answer to this unmet requirement, as it equips hospitals as well as medical care companies with cutting-edge data and judgment science, credentialed education and coaching, and powerful awareness techniques in a manner that is expandable, responsive, and simple to implement.

According to Katherine Hill Richie, managing partner of Venture Funds at TEDCO, “Warrior Centric Health’s Solution Suite is developing a response to a genuine concern,” in which the Warrior Community suffers a special mix of longterm health conditions that too frequently go unaddressed. We are thrilled to back the improvements in treatment that WCH will offer to our area and its economy.

Warrior Centric Health was previously funded by TEDCO for $200,000. This funding venture was a portion of TEDCO’s Seed Fund, that “puts money in early-stage, digital and biosciences startups.”

More on TEDCO

The mission of the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) is to promote economic autonomy development by creating a hospitable environment for entrepreneurs. TEDCO is a Maryland-based organization that seeks for and supports emerging businesses in the areas of technology and life sciences. Read up on it at TEDCO gives Maryland’s start-ups in the fields of innovation and biological sciences the money, tools, and contacts they need to succeed. If you are an investor looking for financial options, please visit

More Information on Warrior-Centered Healthcare

Using the innovative digital platform developed by Warrior Centric Health (WCH)®, healthcare providers can offer the huge Warrior Community with public healthcare monitoring based on current best practices. The only product of its type, it aims to improve the health of a whole community.  If you’d want to learn more about the firm, you can check out their website at or connect with them on social media at Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.



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