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Cleopatra Fitzgerald

Cleopatra Fitzgerald is a world known public figure, philanthropist, celebrity, experienced researcher, politician, writer, activist of causes, influencer, interfaith minister, volunteer aiming to save kids from harm, participant of the performing arts and many more.

Cleopatra Fitzgerald was born on February 16th, 1984 in Manhattan, New York City, where she has lived all of her life. She graduated with a degree in political science. If Fitzgerald runs for political office again, she is doing so for the awareness campaign causes of global issues that matter to the populace.

Ms. Fitzgerald was awarded the Martin Luther King’s award and among these others for her leadership and fight against discrimination of all types. Throughout the years, she has been an active voice who has worked towards fixing broken systems. Her research is based on protecting people’s rights and her reputation is a respected one.

What is the method in international relations to resolve world issues and what are the global issues?

First of all honesty, no hypocrisy, no bias, no discrimination, international dispute resolution strategies, intercultural communication, strategic peacebuilding, futuristic technology, do not disrespect, learn and remember cultural etiquette in order not to offend, persons should take aside differences and unite for the resolutions that the world greatly needs. Statistics or international rankings can be biased, misleading, data error, and more. What are indexes of most happy, most peaceful, etc countries might be fluctuating and not account for internal hidden defects.

The country categories generally are: least developed, developing, developed. Thus, in view throughout eras the repeating issues are: Health (pandemic, diseases, etc), environment, education, poverty, human rights, crime, conflict, migration, corruption, economy, inequality, debt, refugees, deficit, misinformation, lack of collaboration, and further. Looking at global history it is easy to observe that these issues are constantly reappearing. Even though a new era will bring forward the futuristic technological, space, digital inventions the same notion can be applied. It is noticeable that the cycle of challenges will not change until a substantial population truly gathers in unison.

Which historical eras do you believe are notable?

While in high school and college I completed courses and assignments on historical eras. Many eras are remembered for the gigantic advancements in performing arts, the arts, technology, scientific, for their long periods of peace, etc. Nonetheless, each era is indicative of population potential to be inventive or warring. History can be preserved but there are cases of archaeological fraud, historical negationism, historical revisionism, historical bias, distorted history and among these others. Oftentimes history is not completely veridic when the notable eras could be drawing attention to achievements and omit the overall facts. For instance, the Renaissance, Baroque, Industrial Revolution and cultural country breakthroughs all are notable -however, despite the progress deeper analysis will exhibit their deficienciesĀ  as well.

Cleopatra Fitzgerald

Explain your message in the cosmic worldsā€™ causes?

Cosmic worlds causes is in itself the advocating for both universal and Earthly causes to create peacefulness, balance, comprehension, space diplomacy, science diplomacy, international relations, to enhance the interaction of similar and distinct species, the supernatural, entities, and other external beings. My life mission centers on international relations, outer space topics, peace, human and animal rights and the list of causes including those that also reverberates towards the quest for modernization as space exploration becomes further accessible to humans.

What are your fondest memories?

There are many nostalgic moments that are cherished in different stages in life. The memories of friends, loved ones, gatherings, most of us have had and the constant support and

advice by people from all races, countries and status. I thankĀ  them all for their perspectives, emails, chats, conversations, guidance, meetings, insights.

What is the biggest challenge?

I believe that life has its challenges but somehow through it all, people can find ways to overcome them. I do not see it as primarily challenges but as things that need to be completed with patience, practice, and perseverance. If there is a situation that is not favorable either you find ways to fix it or find other persons, companies and so on. There are billions of people in the world and trillions of chances.

How would you stop crime in any city of the world?

Crime prevention begins at home, at schools, in the community. By analyzing the causes of crimes worldwide it could be reduced significantly. Studying the zone where crimes occur -it can beĀ  due to poverty, white collar crime, lack of education, peer pressure, unreasonable laws, corrupt system, unreliable politicians, easy access to drugs, alcohol, upbringing, family, school bullying, cyberbullying, religion, unemployment, violence in media, neglect, hormones, hereditary, justice system and furthermore. Then, types of crimes and the severity of punishment can be analyzed to see how high technologyĀ  reduces crime. Additionally, implement crime methods that can save lives and fairly bring perpetrators to justice.

Do you believe in forgiveness? Under what circumstances or not?

Forgiveness is virtuous when the forgiver decides not to clench to ill temper and bitterness but instead release any negative thinking towards the offender or person. Nonetheless, forgiveness in some cases is unethical depending on the context. If a person is forgiving criminals, thieves, rapists, cheaters, to name a fewā€¦such as when clemency, pardon is given -the issue will be if the offender is not remorseful and have not learned the consequences of their actions. The levels of forgiveness varies there are: unconditional, full, conditional, partial and others. Persons might change their lives around if forgiven. Worldwide religions cover this topic as well. A person can forgive and yet do not reconcile, forget or accept. It is based on a personā€™s beliefs, experiences, religion and other factors. I personally do not hold on to hate, I do not judge I analyze, I forgive my worst critics or haters and I hope they find the peace, wisdom, and decency to live righteously.

You mentioned that life is not only a ā€œmelting pot, stained glassā€ but a kaleidoscope, please explain.

Since nature contains patterns, symmetry, fractal geometry, cultural diversity in all colors, patterns are a cycle of continuance, regeneration, generations. Kaleidoscope as the magic of Earth and cosmos, the reflection of light and mirrors, light on Earth by the Sun and the space mirrors, telescopes utilized for space. Existence as viewed through a lens takes many forms of unity and dimensions, transformations. Nonetheless, variousĀ  animals see dissimilar than humans for their intended circumstances that make them ideal for their environment such asĀ  night vision. A kaleidoscope can be black and white and the motions remain the same. Humans consist of the five senses and beyond.

What are the top issues in the environment?

There are an infinite number of environment issues that are classified into diverse subjects including: Pollution, waste, overpopulation and declining population in differing countries, energy, deforestation, desertification, depletion of resources, extinction, conservation, mining, health, genetics, engineering, farming, nanotechnology, environmental justice, ecotourism, geotourism, and countless other sources that can be found simply under Environmental issues. Each with their branches of unsolved complications. Space issues are part of environment and are of great consequence -here are a few: space junk (debris), space tourism, radiation, contamination, galactic wars, etc. Collectively, these are somewhat helped through donations, organizations, countries, patrons, banks, companies, charities, and so forth. It will take longer for countries that are not fully modernized to even keep up with the space era and technological advancements. If they are limited in resources they need the most concentration of aid.

How can we resolve inflation to regain stability?

There are several indexes to calculate the severity of inflation. Inflation can be influenced by wars, pandemics and factors that increase inflation. It is said that high inflation like bad deflation periods can become problematic. There are categorizations of inflation by rapidity: galloping, running, walking, creeping, hyperinflation. Causes of inflation are demonstrated in charts with terms like: ā€œCore, Multicasual, Demand-Push, Cost-Push, Budgetary, Wage, Imported, suppressed, profit induced, etc.ā€

Some ways to repair inflation are: Look at historical epochs and similar conditions that have improved inflation, new policies or revisions, fiscal policies, prices, money circulation and where it is being used, invest in non-wasteful programs and instead in where it matters, taxes, government spending, avoid unnecessary conflicts or deficits, innovation, global trading, borrowing, Federal Reserve, and so on. Moreover, there are sectors and stocks that fare well during inflation when it comes to profiting.

How is international trade rewarding?

It is rewarding because the global economy has comparative advantages. It depends on trade balance, specialization, harmonious trade partners, reasonable prices, GDP growth, help consumers andĀ  poverty zones with resources, brand recognition and possible stability, jobs, usefulness of foreign exchange, currency, free trade, exchange rates, global growth and many more. International trade if done courteously can be risk-free or productive.

Cleopatra Fitzgerald

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Cleopatra Fitzgerald








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