Mekonomen Group invests in carpooling services with AI technology

Mekonomen Group becomes a part owner and invests in a new carpooling service together with the startup company Ezeride. The service is developed with the help of AI technology, targeting companies that want to reduce climate impact and offer their employees a sustainable alternative for job commuting.

Ezeride has developed a new carpooling app for companies that want to help their employees travel more sustainably. The service offers employees who drive a car the opportunity to share their planned car routes via the app and make it available to others in the company network to join the journey. As a driver, you can save travel costs and at the same time contribute to the environment.

‚ÄúAs part of Mekonomen Group’s efforts to enable mobility, Ezeride is a brilliant partner. Through AI technology, Ezeride enables a better experience of shared mobility where the individual gets a full overview of the trip’s cost, consumption and impact on the environment. In addition, the driver can feel safe by knowing who is traveling with them. Within Mekonomen Group, we see several possible solutions together with Ezeride”,¬†says Petra Bendelin, Director of Business Development & Strategy

‚ÄúThe idea for Ezeride was born out of the desire to contribute to the climate but also solve the traffic problems that our cities struggle with. In many cities, a large part of the property is used for streets and parking. In rural areas, the problem is the other way around and there is often a lack of public transport. Empty seats in our cars are untapped resources that can be used much better. We saw a gap in the mobility industry with great potential to make a difference”, says John Olausson, CEO of Ezeride.

Ezeride¬†develops shared mobility services using AI technology. Through a ride sharing service, the user can share their journey and car in a selected digital network via Ezeride’s app. We want to transport more with less. Read more¬†

Mekonomen¬†operates in the car aftermarket and consists of leading car service chains in Northern Europe with a proprietary wholesale operation, more than 460 branches and over 3,400 affiliated workshops operating under the Group‚Äôs brands. Through its branch network, Mekonomen Group offers affordable spare parts and accessories to the affiliated workshops, other workshops, other B2B customers, as well as car owners. Around 90 per cent of sales are business to business, where 80 per cent of the orders are digital. The largest business to business customers are affiliated workshops operating under the Group¬īs concepts AutoMester, BilXtra, Din Bilpartner, Meca Car Service, Mekonomen Bilverkstad, O.K. Serwis, Speedy and others. The Group operates through four business areas ‚Äď FTZ with operations in Denmark, Inter-Team with operations in Poland, MECA/Mekonomen with operations in Norway and Sweden and S√łrensen og Balchen with operations in Norway. Read more¬†



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