Michel Forgues Lacroix. Founder & President of The Relais Group

Michel Forgues Lacroix. Owner of RELAIS GROUPE. Paris, FRANCE

Internationally well-known as general manager of a restaurant franchise located in France, Michel Forgues Lacroix was born on December 4th, 1961.

He took studies of Law and History of Art, taking his master degree during the period from 1979 to 1983.

After graduating, he became the owner of the company CORUM HOLDING, a participation company in the area of internet and the hotel art and restauration. The main objective of this company was the assistant to hotel and restaurant managers in the consulting area for a better service and taking care of commensals. This activity took place in his career for a period of 4 years and it has ended in the year 2000.

From January 2000 up to the present, he has been the President of the Relais Group, a French restaurant association, created in 1997, with the main purpose to establish restaurants in the country of France and abroad. The most important business of this group are the Relais de Paris restaurant, the Relais Lounge, the Opera Beach, the Relais Expresso CafƩ and the fast food restaurant Pollo Grill Factory. Through the years, Michel Forgues Lacroix has become the owner of the group and has established a franchise development of the restaurant service around Europe and Latin America.

He is fluent in French and English with specializations in Business strategies, management, mergers and acquisitions and marketing. But the main area of his work is the management of restaurant which provides an excellent service to the public.

The base of this business was first originated in 1930 by the creation of a very original sauce consisting of mixed herbs and other ingredients to butter. The success of the sauce was immediate in Switzerland. The same sauce was taken for a group of chefs in France sixty years later and it was served with fries and named Sauce Originale Relais de Parisā„¢. Again, it was a total success and it became an institution over the years.

By the year 1972, the first restaurant was opened with a single formula product with salad, meat, sauce and fries in the menu.

Today the sauce is still a top guarded secret and with the presidency of Michel Forgues Lacroix for the Relais de Paris Group the name of the group and the Sauce Originale Relais de Paris became a trademark and part of a franchise system quite popular in Europe and some Latin American countries. The franchise is presented nowadays in a total of 18 countries and with the Asian market as the next objective to achieve.

All this success is due to the hard work and dedication or all personnel working in the group with the clear and precise management of Monsieur Michel Forgues Lacroix.






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