Montblanc and the Tribute to the Master Steinway

Montblanc and the Tribute to the Master Steinway

This is the pen which has been crafted so that it can pay the tribute to the marker of the piano. These pens are found in two different options, the 888 and 4810. The 4810 fountain pen has been made in the way that it mimics the gold and black color found with the Piano. The Steinway Grand piano comes with gold plated and lacquered barrel fittings.Ā  The gilded cap has the 750 gold harps and it is considered to be the heart for the piano. The clip draws made in the gold are meant to bend the piano to be as its graceful curve which has the name known as the Steinway and Sons. This is found on each keyboard from the Steinway creation.

The 888 pen is used to celebrate the balance and the contrast of the piano which represent an octave of the piano keys found in the white and the black on the barrel.Ā  Every pen has the iconic Montblanc emblem while 4810 features the unique white stars in the white resin and precious black. The 4810 pen edition is limited and one cost 3,115 dollar while the 888 edition sells at 10,992 dollars.

Montblanc creators compose the pieces that are able to symbolize and to embrace the values which are able to shape the Montblanc brand. The Montblanc unites the craftsman of Europe with the time honored designs and it brings the pieces of life at one place which emanates classic heritage with refined creation.

The products of the Montblanc are the results of the products for the master craftsmen souls with their stories which turn into the final heirloom and it has subsequently become the part of the unique tale. This has created a unique bond between the soul of the buyers and the markers.

Fine living is important while the Montblanc products make the extraordinary life to be too exciting.Ā  Your story can become dynamic and much alive with these products. The assets that have to accompany you have to come with the effervescence and the vitality. In today world, there is an increase peace which is important and it needsĀ  to confront the products that have been crafted in order to withstand the passing of the time. Montblanc has the pieces that can withstand the age of time and they have been made to perform the elegance of time and the superbly brands for many lifetimes.



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