Most Expensive Island Destinations in the World

Nothing conjures up luxurious exotic getaways like an island destination. Regardless of your decision to travel, venturing to a luxury island can quench your travel thirst. From Dr. No-esque, secluded islands to manmade retreats beaming with brilliant beaches, there is a luxury island for everyone.

Whether it is an exclusive resort or a vivacious villa, these islands have everything you need for a truly memorable holiday.

Laucala Island – Taveuni, Fiji

If you travel to Fiji, you could visit a new island nearly every single day of your visit. Of the nation’s 300 islands, Laucala is the most must-see. This private island paradise has everything you could want inside and outside. Fancy a rainforest walk or to visit local farms and get your hands dirty? You can do just that on Laucala. If you would prefer to hit the beach and relax in the sun, then you can. There is also world-class golf to play on the island’s course.

Spending a night on the island at one of the private hilltop residences could set you back around $170,000 all in. It is worth it and you will be shocked by Laucala Island’s sheer beauty.

Laucala Island was created by Red Bull energy drink owner Dietrich Mateschitz. He has made the island one of the best – if not the best – luxury escapes in the world. Getting to the island is easy. Simply take your private airplane or yacht to Laucala’s shores. If you don’t have a jet or yacht don’t worry. You can book a seat on the island’s own private airplane to deposit you on Laucala.

North Island – Seychelles

North Island has only 11 villas, but don’t late that get you down. These holiday hotspots are great thanks to being secluded. Each is beautifully built and decorated, and their exclusivity makes them a perfect spot to spend a few days or weeks. Just outside your front door, you will find miles of white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters.

The North Shore resort has everything you could want of a holiday including a spa and gym to help revitalize your body while away from home. The villas open up to the beaches and offer one of the most romantic experiences you and a loved one can ever have.

There is only one way to get to North Island and that is by helicopter. Once you are there, you won’t want to leave, unless you are hopping on a boat to go fishing in the Indian Ocean.

The price to visit North Island is much lower than that of Laucala. It costs around $2,700 per night. Despite the lower price, in some ways it surpasses Laucala Island’s experience.

SonevaJani – Maldives            

Step out on the beaches at the Maldives’ most exclusive resort, SonevaJani, and you will have 360-degree views of the Indian Ocean. The resort has just 24 exclusive and luxurious villas. Each villa has its own relaxing pool to plunge yourself into and let the stress of work melt away. The villas also open up to a 3.4 mile stretch of lagoon that make for the perfect beach experience. Each villa is located on the lagoon and you will spend nights suspended above the water while sleeping.

One of the coolest aspects of the resort are the villas’ master bedrooms. Each has a retractable roof, so you can lie in bed and look up at the stars shining over the Maldivian paradise.

If you take the entire family, you will find a fantastic restaurant, a kids’ club and more beach and watersports than you will know what to do with.

The largest villa at SonevaJani goes for $20,000 a night. Of course, you can get the smaller villas for around $5,000 at the most; but where is the fun in that?

Calivigny Island – Grenada

Where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Carribean Sea, you will find the lush island of Calivigny. The island is all about luxury living, and if you are looking for your next family holiday, this is the place. The island boasts two French colonial mansions that can be rented. So, if you have a large family, you can impress them with a stay at the island. Calivigny also has three cottages and each has its own special characteristics. Inspired by Indonesian design, the cottages and staff can accommodate your every request.

Whether you want to have large parties or it is just a few friends and family staying with you, the resort’s chefs can whip up a great dining experience.

There are beach activities and watersports available on the island’s shores. You can also find plenty of yachting adventures ready to take you out into the Carribean.

Necker Island – Virgin Islands (Great Britain)

Necker Island isn’t just an unbelievable luxury island escape, but it is Sir Richard Branson’s private Carribean home. The island typically welcomes A-list celebrities looking for a getaway; and often times, Branson is there to greet them and hang out with guests.

The 74-acre island’s centerpiece is the Great House. It is a grand home with nine bedrooms for guests to relax in. The island has six other Bali designed houses. There are 100 members of staff on hand to wait on you and keep food and drink plentiful. You won’t have to do a thing on a holiday to Necker Island and you will be surrounded by a Carribean paradise.

If you head to Necker Island, which was bought by Branson for £60,000 at the age of 27, you may find some of Hollywood’s stars trying to lie low. It can make for a great vacation and you can party with celebs from dusk until dawn, if you play your cards right.

By the way, Necker Island is informal and you will be able to lounge around in beachwear and then head to dinner without changing. A stay at Necker Island will run you around $52,000 a night.

Como Parrot Cay – Turks and Caicos

Situated on its own private island, Como Parrot Cay is a retreat for Hollywood celebrities and business executives from around the globe. The island is known for providing a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience. Yoga, fine cuisine and deep-water diving are just a few activities that provide a revitalizing holiday.

The resort’s villas provide open access to the beach. They also have their own exclusive pools that you can enjoy whenever you like. There is 24-hour staff service, so if you wake up at 3 a.m. and need a snack, you can get one brought to your room in no time.

The Spanish-themed architecture melds with the resorts surroundings. The 1.5-mile beach is perfect and its powdery white sand is cozy and relaxing. The Carribean Sea laps onto the sandy shore and makes Como Parrot Cay one of the dreamiest destinations in the region.

Hayman Island – Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Hayman is the nearest island to the Great Barrier Reef. The resort offers visitors an optimal nature experience, and holidaymakers can find a wealth of outdoor activities and watersports all within touching distance. If you want to find a romantic spot, then just head to Langford Sand Spit, where you can enjoy a secluded day out. Picnic with a loved one or family before taking a speedboat back to the resort.

The resort’s design is in contrast to the nature that surrounds it. The building is decorated in a modern Australian style, but it allows for traditional aspects to be incorporated. Hayman Island can accommodate large numbers of guests with its 160 suites and villas. The resort’s restaurants and bars provide you with a multiple eating options. There are seven restaurants to choose from during your stay. With over 500 members of staff, Hayman Island has its own little world. Many of the resorts employees are young and offer excellent service.

The best option for you when it comes to rooms are the beachside studio villas. Each has a private pool to plunge into in between sips of your morning coffee. If you plan to take your children with you, the villas have an optional children’s room included.



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