Mr. Paolo Macchiaroli, a luxury holiday rental entrepreneur and private villa expert with more than 10 years’ experience and with a background in communication and marketing, has founded My Private Villas in March 2012 as an exclusive collection of the highest quality luxury holiday villas. This is an exclu sive portfolio of villas, chalets and private islands available to rent directly from their owners in the most iconic destinations worldwide.

My Private Villas is not a typical villa rental agency, but is a private club of owners in Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Alps, Caribbean, Thailand, South Africa, and many more ultimate destinations.

What distinguishes My Private Villas from any other villa rental agency is the relation they have with the owners: being in direct contact with them and offering them extra visibility and marketing activities, they are then able to get discounts, tailor made and complimentary services and offer them to their clients which immediately can feel that we are not a typical villa rental agency, but that they go the extra mile to provide the best services.

These amazing properties form the perfect backdrop to create unique and unforgettable experiences, whether clients are looking for a family vacation, a cultural break or organizing a special event.

Whether by the sea, in the mountains, on the lakeshore, in the city centre or nestling in vineyards or olive groves, all properties in My Private Villas collection are ideal for indulging in luxury surrounded by friends and family and having the vacation of a lifetime.

My Private Villas collection is an eclectic mix of modern, leading edge, designer and historic houses with the portfolio offering a diverse range from private islands, beachfront properties, wine estates and city apartments to ski chalets, golf, scuba, horse riding or other sporting estates.

My Private Villas team personally checks each villa regularly to ensure the standards are perfect. Whether you own an exceptional home and you want to make it available for rent or you are looking for staying in an unusual, historical or spectacular property that is not easily accessible on the market, My Private Villas will be your perfect choice.




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