Natalia Vodianova Joins PicsArt as Head of Aspiration

Fresh ideas came to the social network leader in creativity, as the model and philanthropist Natalia Vodianova will occupy the position of Head of Aspiration for the application, an arduous task that will put to Natalia to unveil its greater gifts of creativity and inspiration. The job of this job is to bring innovative ideas to the company, of which he is also an advisory member of the company.

As soon as this news was known, PicsArt took advantage of its twitter account to tweet the following: “Let’s give a warm welcome to #PicsArt’s newest member, supermodel and philanthropist, @natasupernova!”. Subsequently, the CEO of this app called Hovhannes Avoyan, gave his statements personally about this sublime arrival. “We are thrilled to welcome a talent and role model like Natalia into our family… Natalia has been deeply involved in bringing creative inspiration to the world through fashion and social commitment. She’ll help connect the fashion world and the brands and charities she works with to our creative community of 90 million monthly active users, for remixing and inspiration”, said Avoyan.

Natalia Vondanova also offered her impressions on this new stage in her life, “I’m excited to be part of a community where social sharing finally meets real engagement. PicsArt users collectively contribute millions of images a day, in a true celebration of love and colors that goes well beyond scrolling and liking. I see in it the power to ignite concrete change and bring visibility to very important causes”, said the supermodel, also added the following: “I’m joining PicsArt because I believe people are capable of the most amazing things when they have full freedom and creativity in their hands and a purpose to apply them to. When users become aware of their collaborative power, engagement grows naturally.”

This will be a fundamental opportunity for Natalia, since she has demonstrated to possess certain faculties for the social activism, creativity and proactivity. In addition to an opportunity, it is a challenge, as this is a new stage in your life. His great vision and love for the photos and the same peculiar creativity. He has also shown that his influence on social networks goes beyond his beautiful photos, but in addition, his support for non-profit campaigns has given him altruistic and very human qualifications.

For example, at the end of 2016, Natalia participated and contributed to the standardization campaign for breastfeeding, with the hashtag #TreeOfLife, which had important influences and results.

PicsArt is a community with more than 400 million members worldwide, and now, all that amount of people will be fueled by the ideas that Natalia Vondanova provides, which are already being glimpsed, with the creation of stickers in her profile of PicsArt , and in turn, has succinctly proposed challenges and events worldwide.

The best is expected with Natalia at the head of the factory of ideas in this company, you just have to wait to see what the first innovations will be and also, if these will be more pleased than displeasure.



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