New Nobu Hotels in Europe

Nobu Hotel Shoreditch London

The large hotel chain Nobu with its owner, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, has been pleased to present them with two great and well-known people, Oscar winner Robert De Niro and Hollywood producer Meir Teper, opening their two new and innovative hotels Europeans located in Ibiza and London.
Located in the London borough, The Shoreditch Hotel London offers 148 rooms and suites, a lounge for special activities and of course the new Nobu bar and restaurant in London. The Hotel is structured in a new, creative industrial environment in the Shoreditch area. Its appearance is quite new and of course the restaurant is full of the delicatessen of chef Matsuhisa.

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay

The Nobu Ibiza Bay Hotel lives up to its name and location. The Hotel is located in front of the beach of Talamanca, Spain. The users who have gone to visit ensure that there is no other place in Spain like this. The Hotel has 2 pools on the shore of the beach where you can enjoy as a couple or as a family. The atmosphere is conditioned for any occasion. In addition, the complex offers 152 rooms and suites, a new Nobu restaurant and other new restaurants so that guests have more variety at the time of eating. There are also spa sites and boutiques.

The executive director of Nobu Hotels is proud of these two new franchises, each with a partner and a different vision and passion to create innovative and captivating works of art. The partners, the executive director and Nobu are very proud of the wonderful hotels they have managed to lift with so much effort. In addition, CEO Trevor said they will continue to expand their land in other European countries.

The people who have been able to go to the Nobu Hotels have always come out with quite a great satisfaction. Nobu Hotels was named as one of the 25 best luxury brands; Nobu is ranked among an elite selection of luxury brands worldwide. Image and reputation has been a very important thing very carefully for the executives of this company. In addition to the service, Nobu’s growth has to do with all of the above. Nobu Hotels is one of the few companies that offer unique designs for everyone. Its main founders, Nobu Matsuhisa, Robert De Niro and Meir Teper, affirm that the brand thrives in other countries around the five continents. The first Nobu Hotel to open its doors was just 4 years ago at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and shortly after was great news named as one of the best hotels by CNN Travel, Top North America Hotel opened by Luxury Travel Advisor and later Luxury Travel Advisorā€™s Excellence Award.

The Nobu Hotels in Ibiza and London are just the beginning of expansion on the European continent. Other Nobu Hotels are under development for Marbella, Riyadh, Los Cabos, Chicago, Toronto and Bahrain. All the hotels come with their respective Nobu Restaurant so that the customers will taste after taste proving the delicatessens of chef Matsuhisa.





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