New Shanghai Skyline With The W Shanghai-The Bund

Shanghai rebirths through the electric aesthetics of the hotel company W Hotels. The project called W shanghai-The bund looks for remembering the style of the past and the experimental characteristics of the present using the hotels with combinations of different lights. W Shanghai-The bund is a hotel in the center of the city that will caught the attention of the whole Shanghai on the nights.

It is known that Shanghai is one the most fashionable cities in Asia and its nightlife is unique in all senses, so it invited the W brand to launch this new project to the scene. Every hotel of the company has an inimitable design and always pursues to find a balance between the characteristics of the place where they are located and the W aesthetics. W Shanghai was designed according to this patterns, and it is considered a flagship for the company because it is going to tell the world what W is unlimited.

New Shanghai Skyline With The W Shanghai-The Bund

As said before, the hotel maintains a design consistent of the influences of the original culture that surround the area where it is located and a contrast with the electric western society with the development of technology. Traditional, futuristic and modern details are combined and contrasted in its design.

W Hotels belongs to Marriot International a company that in the last years has augmented its investments throughout the world but especially in China that is becoming the market of the future. The creation of W Shanghai- The Bund is just a little taste of the next movements regarding the Chinese market.

New Shanghai Skyline With The W Shanghai-The Bund

In the lobby of W Shanghai- The Bund the guests will be received with a representation of the cultural pattern of Shanghai “The melting pot” — that occurs when in a society several groups from different cultures interchanges their traditions, lifestyle etc. reaching a particular mixed culture in which one could not differentiate the main culture.

New Shanghai Skyline With   The W Shanghai-The Bund

The comfortability of W Shanghai- The Bund is completely amazing. Small details always make a difference. The Pillows of the hotel have a W printed over the symbol of a traditional soup of the location. This kind of details continue keeping the equilibrium of the Shanghai culture and the W style. Also, this W hotel has 374 rooms and suites equipped with hanging bed and LED screens. Finally the magnificent sight that the guests will enjoy covers the Huangpu River.

New Shanghai Skyline With   The W Shanghai-The Bund

Other wonderful characteristics of this hotel are the interesting places for socializing. An interactive kitchen where guests could see how chefs are cooking. A definitely amazing experience that is not commonly lived. Of course, traditional dishes from the Shaghoian culture will be adapted through experimental processes. Furthermore, there is also a speakeasy called Liquid at Yen where the guests will have the experience of learning about the culture of the country through another non common view, their drinks.

New Shanghai Skyline With   The W Shanghai-The Bund

The attempts of W Shanghai- the Bund pursue to satisfy whatever wish the guests could have on the extension of the 6,000 square meters of the hotel. In short, a worth living experience.



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