A New Vodka Flavor From CÎROC


Vodka is a distilled drink of Russian origin that is popular due to the high degree of alcohol it has. Although its origin is not defined at all because many say that the vodka is originally from Poland, no doubt the Russians were the ones who popularized this drink. Its production is based on the fermentation of grains and other plants that possess starch, like the wheat, the rye. Usually, their alcohol content is between 38 percent of their content, but there is some vodka that can have up to 40 degrees of alcohol per liter.

Vodka is produced today in many countries around the world and over the years have been innovating and adding flavors and essences to its tasteless taste of alcohol. The essences of fruits and other components have managed to give different tastes to vodka and make this a real pleasure for every taste. Polish vodka is one of the strongest; some can reach 45 degrees alcohol.

However, the different brands that have been in charge of popularizing and adding so many flavors to the drink have invented again and again new essences. For example; The French are people who delight in these things and always look for pleasant flavors that can please the most demanding tastes and therefore one of the best brands of vodka is French, CÎROC.

The renowned premium brand of CIROC vodka is celebrating its new French Vanilla flavor. It is a new blend of French vanilla with the flavor of vodka that makes this drink a real pleasure for special occasions.

CÎROC directors and executives are always looking for excellence to please their biggest fans, including many famous and well-known people, and this new flavor of CIROC vodka lends itself to elegant occasions where excellence and good taste are noticed.

The best presentation that is having the new flavor of the drink is being simulated with a special martini. However, the new French Vanilla is ideal for making any type of cocktails, but without a doubt, the martini has been its best presentation.

The demand for the new presentation of CÎROC vodka has left a lot of surprises and has not stopped liking people. In thousands of clubs and other high-end places increase orders for the new drink every day. The vanilla flavor is its biggest draw because it gives a sweet taste to the drink totally different from other vodkas and sweet drinks.

An exquisite cocktail that has been recommended and prepared by the vodka manufacturers themselves is the Porn Star Martini. This is a blend of French Vanilla premium vodka with a touch of champagne and other ingredients, this combination is a luxury that few people can give but for the great celebrations luxurious and people who know her is exquisite.

The global launch of the new flavor will take place next October. Thousands of people are eager to get the new flavor but the brand’s scavengers have revealed certain details and have left many marveling at the new creation of CÎROC. It is clear that the launch of this new essence is aimed at luxury consumers, premium vodka is not a drink for anyone, and not everyone can pay for a drink of this new treat.

Please drink responsibly.



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