Only for Night Owls! The world’s 5 best cities to get a drink

There is nothing like a good drink after a long day at the office or when traveling. But finding a great drink can be difficult if you are in the wrong city. There are some amazing cities to visit in the world, yet not all are great towns for a night out. Come on, is Salt Lake City or Milton Keynes really the places you want to go out for a drink? It takes a lot to make a great drinking city. A great night out is more than just one bar that serves great cocktails.

These cities on our list are renowned for being great locales for night owls to drink in. Whether it is at a late-night discotheque or a cool pub, these cities are ideal for night owls to find the perfect drink.

A night out in one of these great cities is a time you won’t soon forget. Or perhaps you will, depending on the amount that you drink. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.


The Big Easy is one of the coolest party cities in the United States. There is nothing like getting a po-boy sandwich before enjoying a night of cocktails at one of New Orleans’ many watering holes. The great thing about New Orleans is the city’s bars have been serving cocktails well before any hipster bartender claimed to come up with the best Old Fashioned in the 50 states.

Not only is New Orleans a great place for a drink, but the jazz scene is alive and well in the Big Easy. Walk, or stumble, into a club and you can sip cool drinks while listening to hot jazz music all night long. The French Quarter is perfect for night owls looking for music and booze combined in a brilliant package.

New Orleans is a great city to visit any time of the year. However, if you want a party that doesn’t stop, or at least goes for two weeks, then go during Mardi Gras. It is a 24-hour party of drinking and being out until the sun comes up.


Berlin may not have the anything goes feel of Germany’s Hamburg, but its nightlife is one of the best around. Berghain is famous for being one of the coolest night clubs in the world. Thanks to its popularity, Berghain is incredibly difficult to get into. So, if you are not on the list, nor famous, get in line. The German capital not only has great clubs but relaxed beer bars to drink incredible lagers at.

A hip hotspot not to miss is ORA, a bar situated in an old pharmacy. ORA serves up great mixed drinks and displays Berlin’s history through its amazing decor. If you are looking for outdoor drinking establishments, then Clärchens Ballhaus is a beautiful little spot. Berlin is brilliant for bars and nights out. Don’t miss the German capital.


Most people will claim Tokyo, Bangkok, or Hong Kong are the best cities for nightlife in Asia. They would all be wrong. South Korea capital city Seoul is an ideal night out. Seoul has everything from dank beer bars to music clubs to five-star wine bars.

One of the best ways to begin the night is to dine on Korean BBQ, drink local beers, and sip soju. After enjoying a five-star Korean BBQ meal for one-star prices, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit the trendy clubs of Hongdae.

For an upscale night out in Seoul, Gangnam is the spot for you. You will find exclusive bars, pubs, and restaurants located in the ritzy part of the city. However, if you want a unique night out that doesn’t end, head down to the university area, Itaewon, or Sinchon to get your drink on.


New York City is called The City that Never Sleeps for a reason. It can be a 24-hour party if that is what you are looking for. A night out, or day depending on when you stop, can take in a number of different bars, venues, and locations.

The Big Apple has an incredible variety of restaurants, bars, and clubs. If you want to drink Guiness in an old-timey Irish pub then you can certainly do that in New York City. If you would prefer a more upscale venue for a cocktail, then you can find it too.

The Campbell is a popular lounge situated in Grand Central Station. Its grand interior makes it perfect for pre- or post-dinner drinks. The rooftop of the Public Hotel in lower Manhattan is another ideal drinking establishment. Sip a cocktail and get a panoramic view of Manhattan while sitting in the bar. New York City offers a diverse night out to patrons. The Big Apple never sleeps and neither will you when you start drinking.


Copenhagen continually gets listed as one of the best drinking cities in the world. Most travelers wouldn’t think the capital of Denmark would be great night out city. However, unlike other Nordic cities, Copenhagen is far more relaxed when it comes to drinking alcohol.

It isn’t against the law to drink alcohol on the street and many locals enjoy the pastime. You can grab a beer or two from a local shop and sit along the city’s lovely canals for a pre-night out drink. If you don’t fancy relaxing on the canals, you hit up the many bars and restaurants located in the capital. Sit outside underneath the stars during the cool months and sit creative cocktails made by Danish doctors of drink.

Denmark is the home of Carlsberg, one of the biggest breweries in the world today. Before heading out on the town, why not go on a tour of the brewery and sip some samples. Once you have pre-partied, hit up the trendy cocktail bars like Madam Chu’s and 1656 for a true taste of the capital.



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