Patek Philippe Platinum World Time

For the men who consider the wristwatch as their personality and status symbols it was Patek Philippe who once again provided them something that they would cheer to have. It was nothing else but another Swiss luxury timepiece that stole the heart of many however was something priceless with a heavy price tag attached to it. Having said it, the watch lovers will not disagree that Patek Philippe watches have earned special place in the hearts of many watch lovers with its unique and super complicated designs.

Patek Philippe is known for a legacy of luxury watches since 1851, and till date has made watches for the Queen Victoria of England. Not only are the watches designed for Queens but three popes also had the collection of these art pieces. And not to forget the countless businessmen who have worn and admired the class for more than 150 years till now. Most of the watch enthusiasts still consider Patek Philippe to be one of the exclusive brands for men.

The Patek Philippe Platinum World Time was also one of the special crafted pieces that became the world’s most expensive watch in the year 2002. This piece was sold at an unbelievable price of around 4 Million US Dollars in an event of auction. The most special and interesting fact about this watch is that it displays 24-hour time zones for different countries that are extremely easy to read in this watch. It is extremely important to note that the craftsmen at the workshop went a step ahead rather than producing something from the earlier complication. Instead of reproducing the same technology they pushed it further to include some exclusive innovations and created an alluring piece in the Patek Philippe Platinum World Time.

This makes it a truly new watch and does not restrict it to become part of watch collectors safe. Patek signifies the importance of making this watch all the more usable rather than just stacking away in a safe to call it part of collection. As the name suggests the watch is make to tell the world time and hence specially designed for the travellers who travel around the globe. The World time is a beautiful piece crafted with considerations of function in the most perfect and usable form.

Patek Philippe Platinum World Time showcases timings of world’s 24 cities. It can be instantly adjusted without affecting the minutes of the watch to reflect new time locally. The middle ring in the watch rotates counter clockwise as the minute hand moves clockwise. This makes all the cities adjacent to the black part of middle ring to experience darkness showing nighttime in them. Thus the middle ring is the key element in the design of the Patek Philippe World Time design invented in 1930 by the watchmaker stars Louis Cottier. The technique made the simplicity of this operation by the complexity of design possible in this amazingly expensive yet must have watch piece of all times. 



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