Patek Philippe Super Complications

Among the super complication watches designed by legendary Patek Philippe, the one known as the Patek Philippe Super complication earned quite an outstanding value as one of the watches that was sold out for overwhelming 11 million US Dollars. Thus making the Super complication the World’s most expensive watch. Patek Philippe achieved this feat through the watch that he designed for one of the New York Banker called Henry Graves. He had asked Patek Philippe to design watch that had most complications in the world. This was only done since Henry wanted to own one of those to compete with his fellow watch collectors who couldn’t have them.

In the terminology of watches, the term complication usually refers to the mechanical feature that is beyond the movement of hours, minutes or seconds. In order to complete this requirement, it took Patek Philippe more than 5 years to manufacture the uniquely designed parts of the Super complication that had as many as 900 of them. Henry took the possession of this super complication watch in the year 1933 when it had the most number of complications in the world counting to 24. It took 2 years for the company to plan the watch whereas another 3 years to have it assembled and become part of glorious history. The watch had the bell and whistles and also included the minute repeater that usually played Big Ben chimes of London. It had an automated correction mechanism for the leap years. All of these uniquely designed mechanisms were fitted in an 18-karat case made of gold that had silvered dials, which were enameled.

The Patek Philippe Super Complications indeed was one of the worlds most complication watch in the history that was ever made without the help of computers. The next watch indeed took help of the computers to surpass the number of complications in the year 1989. This outdo act was also part of Patek Philippe project to outdo their own history creation on the mark of their 150th anniversary. They later on went ahead to manufacture a watch that had 30 complications. Still as likely said and believed that old is gold. The Super complication from the Philippe held record for another set of years for being one of the most expensive watches that were ever sold.

The Super complication was sold for a whopping 11 million U S Dollars that set a new World record that was more than three times the cost of the next record highest seller. The super specialty of this Super complication is that there was only one watch manufactured in the Super complication from the Patek Philippe workshop and there was never another one that hit the market making it really rare and precious. It continued to be in the private hands for as long as 1999, it was then that is was auctioned in the city of New York and sold for an unbelievable price of $ 11 million. The owner remained anonymous until it was the Qatari family who were disclosed to own the Super complication in the year 2012.



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