“Precious Moments” gives a photographic peak into Joe Jackson’s remarkable life

Joe Jackson "Precious Moments" Photo book available at Amazon

Joseph “Joe” Jackson is the patriarch of the most legendary family in show business. The music and entertainment mogul is the father of the “The King of Pop” and saw many of his children reach superstardom. In a career that spanned 60 years, Joe Jackson saw the world of entertainment change as his children went from a humble singing group to worldwide megastars. Jackson truly is the father of the First Family of Music.

To bid farewell after working for 60 years in the entertainment industry, together with friends, associates, Totalprestige and thanks to the Estate of his son, he released a Picture book of memories.

Life is not measured by how long you get to live on earth, but by the moments that take your breath away. A picture captures a moment for eternity that will never cease looking back at you. “Precious Moments” is a collection of selected photographs that captured Mr. Jackson’s treasured moments.

“No passionate dream I didn’t attempt,” Jackson recently wrote on social media. “At 90-years young, I regret only the dreams I didn’t attempt, not the ones that failed. So, follow your passion. You have just one life.”

The Photo book is the perfect item for any Jackson family fan as it showcases in pictures unique moments in Joe’s life through photographs. The powerful imagery allows fans to relive great moments in the history of the Jackson family. The photographs in Precious Moments are accompanied by Joe’s favorite song lyrics, film and television quotes, and more. The entire coffee table book is a collection of Joe’s unique adventures and incredible memories. It is also a collection of rare behind the scenes peaks into the life of Joe and his famous family.

Each photograph provides a look into the time it was taken. Fans can look at rare photographs of the 1960s when the Jackson 5 were the hottest pop group in the world. There are also poignant family images that pull the curtain back on the family. Fans will also be treated to photographs of Joe with Michael as “The King of Pop” grew up over the years.

Now at the ripe age of 90-years old, Joe Jackson can reflect on a career and life full of great memories. But fans won’t just see images of Joe’s adventures. Throughout Precious MomentsJoe comments on each picture. Fans can find out all about items such as his magnificent jewelry collection, as many of his pieces were gifts from his celebrity children.

Joe doesn’t just want to reflect on great moments from his life, but the entertainment management icon is proud that he grabbed life by the horns and never let go. In fact, Joe Jackson is still holding on tightly as he moves into his ninth decade of life. What a ride it has been!

“Time spent having fun is not wasted time,” Joe posted on social media. “Throw caution to the wind and enjoy yourself. Life comes around once and we never get to do it over again.”

Precious Moments is available at all fine bookstores. Fans will be able to get their hands on the unique photographs selected by Joe himself when they pick up a copy.

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Available at Amazon


By Drew Farmer



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