Qkids Upgrades Teacher Acquisition Program By Partnering with Sterling

Qkids Upgrades Teacher Acquisition Program By Partnering with Sterling

Qkids, one of the leading online English education companies in¬†China, announces its partnership with Sterling Talent Solutions (Sterling), the world’s leader in employment background screening solutions. With this partnership, the initial teacher recruitment, acquisition and engagement will focus on creating a safe and pleasant learning experience for students.

Qkids’ partnership with Sterling comes as the company is seeing a sharp increase in the number of applications from high-performing teachers to its platform. The pre-engagement background checks conducted by Sterling comply with privacy laws and regulations, and will be processed only after being authorized by candidates. For the protection of candidates’ privacy, the personal data is encrypted and only the results provided by Sterling will be screened by a specialized team within Qkids on a need basis.

The spokesman of the Product Marketing Team from Sterling said, “We admire Qkids’ commitment to making English education accessible online¬†and¬†connecting young learners in¬†China¬†with teachers and educators. Sterling partners with Qkids to develop and implement enhanced background screening practices for each teacher before they begin teaching with Qkids. Since 1975, Sterling has been a leader in the employment screening industry. We¬†are able to accommodate Qkids as a global partner, running background screens for their Canadian and American teachers,¬†providing¬†a safe learning environment for their students, and¬†helping¬†to avoid possible risks during the students’ learning process.”

Adam Chen, Co-founder and Global President of Qkids, said, “Qkids takes children‘s¬†education very seriously. It is our top priority to create a safe and pleasant learning experience for our students. This new partnership with Sterling will help Qkids to increase teacher engagement efficiency when facing an increasing number of applicants¬†and make sure candidates with honesty and integrity stand out. Qkids will continue building up a friendly and secure teacher community whereby undesired candidates are not allowed in. We welcome more teachers from¬†North America¬†to the Qkids team¬†and look forward to working with them to bring safe and positive English learning experiences to more students in¬†China.”

Qkids has been recruiting teachers in North America since 2015 to provide high-quality online English teaching sessions to Chinese children ranging from 4-12 years old. By offering them an opportunity to work from home, and by providing continuous coaching and support, Qkids has earned a great reputation among educators in North America, having added over 10,000 North American teachers on its team to date. The positive teaching experience created for teachers helps Qkids to rank high on recruitment websites and attract many applications referred by currently engaged teachers. The average amount of applications Qkids receives within one week has reached 10,000, and it keeps increasing.

Online English teacher positions with Qkids are listed on LinkedIn, Glassdoor and other reputable recruitment websites. Qkids respects and values every teacher, providing a flexible working schedule, competitive salary, and continuous professional development support.

For more information or to learn how to join Qkids, please visit http://teacher.qkids.net




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