REDMOND is a leader in the modern appliances industry. The company applies advanced technology to each of its products. REDMOND’s mission is to make life as stress-free as possible with its brilliantly designed products that fit into everyone’s lifestyle. REDMOND is consistently pushing their own development boundaries with advanced technology. It is one of the key reasons its products are sold around the globe.

It isn’t just building dynamic new products that REDMOND strives to do. The company wants its customers to live healthier lifestyles. After purchasing its range of high-quality products, customers can use them to make healthier, more nutritious meals. REDMOND even promotes recipes, offering customers the chance to cook their own food.

Recently, Totalprestige Magazine sat down with REDMOND’s marketing manager, Faina Lyan, to talk about the dynamic company and some of its incredible new products.

Faina, can you tell us a little about REDMOND and your role with the appliance company?

Founded in 1939, Roter Mond (REDMOND), is a European-based brand that offers affordable luxury appliances. REDMOND boasts more than 100 direct boutique stores in Europe, and has launched strategic partnerships with two major supermarket groups in Europe: MediMarket (Germany) and Auchan (France). In 2018, we entered online channels such as Amazon, where we continue to reach worldwide markets.

Redmond is a leader in smart home appliances. Can you tell us about some of the innovative products the company has developed in recent years?

For over eight decades, REDMOND, a European-based brand, has continued producing and supplying top-rated, luxury kitchen appliances and products. In keeping with their commitment to easing the cooking process for its ever-growing customers, REDMOND is thrilled to announce the launch of its new product, a full touch screen LED display stainless steel toaster.

This new appliance from REDMOND comes with a two-slice toaster, LED display, six bread shade browning settings, and bagel/ reheat/ defrost/ cancel options. The stainless steel toaster also features a digital and intuitive touchscreen that displays a countdown clock.

It also comes with 1.5-inch extra-large slots to offer enough space and accommodation for the perfect toasting results. From large bagels to English muffins to thick sliced homemade breads, and so on, the extra-large slots on the stainless steel toaster from REDMOND typically adjust to fit thin bread slices or thick bagels with ease.

A removable crumb tray is present in the toaster making cleaning a lot more convenient. Additionally, the REDMOND’s two-slice toaster comes with food-grade 18/8 stainless steel casing, non-toxic, no BPA, safe and healthy. It lets one bake quickly and evenly while cooling quickly. Equipped with a powerful anti-rust and anti-overheat shell and function, the toaster is easy to clean and durable.

The new Full Touch Screen LED Display Stainless Steel Toaster is now available on REDMOND’s website. To place an order, please visit :

What drives REDMOND to develop smart, innovative household products?

REDMOND understands the value of your time and has set out to make your life easier and more convenient with the use of our advanced technology and modern design. We aspire to raise the bar on modern home convenience and creative design with our household products and hope to encourage our clients to have a healthy, successful life all around the world.

Along with smart devices, what other innovations are driving the household appliances market?

In order to better achieve our goal, we will launch a unique, compound ergonomic, environmentally friendly and beautiful set of pots in the second half of the year, which will overcome the shortcomings of all existing pots on the market. The only bright spot that can be revealed at present is the bottom of the pot will not turn black due to use. Please continue to follow the REDMOND brand’s social media for more information.

Are there any new innovations the company is working on or ready to launch you can tell us about?

As it involves core technology concepts, there is no comment for the time being. We will continue to announce new products in the second half of the year, please continue to pay attention to the REDMOND brand.

How difficult has the COVID-19 pandemic been for the home appliance industry? With so many people stuck at home more than ever, have sales increased as people seek to upgrade their properties?

The biggest difficulty for the home appliance industry is due to the economic recession caused by COVID-19. Many people will not consider replacing their old home appliances due to economic problems. REDMOND’s products function very well which could meet the needs of most consumers. They are exquisite, diverse and of high quality. The price is relatively economical compared to the same products on the market which enables us to quickly expand in the US market.

Due to COVID-19, eating with friends in a restaurant will also increase the risk of infection. More people have chosen to cook at home. They need easy-to-use, safe and efficient kitchen appliances as an aid, which makes our products very popular.

We will keep providing our customers with high-quality, stylish and smart appliances in accordance with current trends in the future .

REDMOND is an affordable luxury brand of home appliances but it encourages people to be healthy. How does REDMOND achieve its aim of encouraging people to be healthier?

First of all, as kitchen appliances, all our raw materials are made of the high-end food-grade materials, BPA free. The food processed by our appliances can also be eaten by babies, which is completely healthy and safe. All products we sell have passed international certification like CE, FDA, LFGB, UL , ETL ect.

Secondly, our brand has always advocated letting everyone discover the joy of cooking, share their achievements with family and friends, and encourage everyone to share a healthy lifestyle.

Last but not least, you can also see the recipes provided by our brand. We have always advocated users to make nutrition-balanced and delicious dishes by using our products.

Faina, is there anything else you would like to add?

REDMOND is a well-developed brand, it has great influence in Europe. We provide all customers with a quality guarantee period of up to 12 months. If there is a quality problem within 12 months after purchasing our product, you can get a new product for free without additional costs such as shipping and taxes. At the same time, we also provide multi-channel customer service channels, and will reply to your message within 24 hours.

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