Roy Hinkis. Head of Marketing at Modern Finance Chain (MF Chain). St. Kitts, NEVIS

Roy Hinkis Head of Marketing at Modern Finance Chain

SEO and Digital marketing expert Roy Hinkis may be new to Modern Finance Chain, but the company’s CMO has been working for over a decade in the field. Hinkis joined Modern Finance Chain in June 2018, and his experience in SEO and digital marketing gives the company a proven winner when it comes to his discipline.

Hinkis’ resume is extensive with a list of who’s who in the business world. Fortune 500 companies have sought out Hinkis to oversee their digital marketing campaigns and he has delivered results that grew those businesses in ways they never had before.

The digital marketing whiz credits his original investment in blockchain and cryptocurrencies as one reason he chose to work with Modern Finance Chain. He now hopes to grow the company’s digital image. If Hinkis can accomplish the same work he has done with other companies, Modern Finance Chain should have no difficulty growing.

Recently, Hinkis sat down with Totalprestige Magazine to talk about his career and Modern Finance Chain.

Roy, you have a fantastic background in marketing and SEO, and you have spent your career marketing some very high level projects. How did you get involved with Modern Finance Chain?

I have been intrigued by blockchain and cryptocurrencies for quite some time now. When Modern Finance Chain approached me and I learned about their vision, I fell in love with the project and decided to join as CMO.

Can you explain Modern Finance Chain and just how the company can help its client do business better?

Modern Finance Chain is building a smart contract platform with direct integration to commerce. We are striving to solve for two main pain points. The first is providing merchants with an alternative payment method that not only cuts the costs and risks associated with accepting credit cards, we will provide our merchants with quicker and easier access to accepting a wide range of cryptocurrencies in one simple solution. The second, and much larger goal, is providing the crypto-community a blockchain that embraces interoperability. From our multi-currency ICO platform, smart contract libraries is a large array of development languages and more, projects launching on the Modern Finance Platform enjoy all of its features and are instantly integrated into commerce providing even more value to their coin holders.

Tell me about the ICO that the company is about to release? What can investors expect when buying the Modern Finance Chain ICO?

I like to refer to ICO as Initial Community Offering rather than Initial Coin Offering, because we are releasing a system that is much greater than just a digital coin. I think the community can expect an exceptional project with a strong team that will deliver on its promises. Our project is not just about investors or selling a token, it is about a producing a digital ecosystem that makes blockchain better and increases adoption globally.

What led you to work with SEO and online marketing and why have you chosen the blockchain field now?

SEO is the most interesting part of doing online marketing – always need to innovate, learn new tactics, test, work with all the relevant stakeholders, and the most important SEO is the biggest traffic source. I started to invest in crypto less than a year ago, and i was fascinated from the technology and the future of blockchain.

Roy, you previously worked with companies such as SimilarWeb, Telus and Lyft.  How did those companies prepare you to work with Modern Finance Chain?

Working with successful companies it’s an amazing challenge and experience, to learn about their strategies, their goals, and it helped me to be prepared to work with Modern Finance Chain by experiencing different work habits, tactics, and cultures.

In your opinion, are hard currencies a thing of the past thanks to blockchain and digital currency? What will happen to credit cards in the future?

That is a possibility. While it is hard to predict what will happen with hard currencies, I think we all can agree we can expect governments to explore the ability to transition to digital currency in some capacity. Technology is moving faster than ever before and the world is quickly adopting to these changes. For credit cards, there is no question we can expect to see changes. It is no secret that each of the major credit card companies are researching blockchain technology. We fully expect these changes and look forward to integrating our payment solution, not only with traditional credit cards, but also with future iterations or payment options they launch. Providing consumers and merchants with choice is one of our pillars of success.

There are a number of countries banned or restricted when purchasing the Modern Finance Chain ICO. Can you explain why these contracts are restricted?

It seems many regions are still trying to figure out how to classify cryptocurrencies from a legislation standpoint. For the best interest of the project, we are taking caution with areas that have not made definitive guidelines for digital assets.

Roy, what is a day in your life like?

First of all is checking what happened yesterday in Google analytics and search console in terms of visits, leads, rankings and etc. Everyday is different, working as marketing consultant gives you a different challenge everyday, and need to be prepared for it.

What makes you smile?

Seeing success in the projects that I’m involved with and collaborating with talented minds.

What scares you?

Failure. This drives me to each and everyday to better and quickly adapt to challenges I face to ensure success.

Do you have any hobbies?

Tennis, of course.

Which historical figure do you most admire?

Albert Einstein

What are you never without?

My headphones. Music inspires me, keeps my mind active and really gets my creativity flowing. A day without music is a day I wish to not know.

Can you share two of your favorite quotes with us?

“When the waves grow stronger, the strongest are revealed.”

“Go hard or go home.”

If you had the power to change just one thing in the world what would it be?

Stop the wars and killing. I hope that one day, all mankind can live in peace. A world where we all are treated as equals and without the fear many face today.

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