ScentAir® Launches New eCommerce Site For Home Use


ScentAir, the global leader in scent marketing, launches their first home fragrance line and eCommerce website, Consumers can now bring home the power of ScentAir’s commercial-grade fragrance technology via the ScentAir® Essence, the first consumer home fragrance diffuser in ScentAir’s continually growing line of scent systems.

For 20 years, ScentAir has developed innovative technology to effectively scent commercial spaces. Businesses around the world have incorporated ScentAir’s technology to connect with customers. Casinos, resorts, medical offices, fitness spaces and more have added scent marketing systems to their business strategies. But the powerful technology used in commercial spaces wasn’t always a natural fit for home use.

ScentAir aims to take the hassle out of home fragrance management. Their new eCommerce website will allow customers to have their favorite scents shipped to them directly.

“Now consumers can easily and consistently keep their home fragranced at all times,” says Andres. “They won’t have to take time away from their lives to drive around and restock candles, diffuser oils or plug-in refills. With ScentAir they’ll have their fragrances when they need them, delivered directly to their door.”

The selection of 20 current home fragrances was curated from ScentAir’s library of over 700 active fragrances. Scents are divided among four home fragrance categories: Essential Scents, Fresh Home, Luxury Resort and Tempting Treats. Each category features a line of fragrance experiences that enables consumers to explore the world through scent. Lines include scents that range from clean and refreshing to musky and romantic. Or indulge in a delicious scent, like Spiced Pumpkin Latte.

To learn more, or to be among the first to experience ScentAir in your home visit:

ScentAir Technologies, LLC., privately held and founded in 1994, provides best-in-class ambient scent marketing solutions to many of the world’s most recognized brands. As the global leader in olfactory marketing, the Company creates memorable impressions for both small businesses and global enterprises, elevating their customer experience through the power of scent. Based in Charlotte, NC, USA, and corporate offices in the United KingdomFranceNetherlandsChinaHong Kong, and Australia. The Company’s 425+ global team members service customers in 119 countries through its dedicated global supply chain and manufacturing operations in North AmericaEurope, and Asia. ScentAir is committed to the creation of customized scent strategies that boost clients’ brand sentiments, customer loyalty, and sales.

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