Seafood Recipes

Most people are concerned with eating a healthy diet these days and many people are cutting down on red meat consumption. One of the recommended food types is fish, especially oil rich fish with plenty of Omega fats such as mackerel, herring and sardines. There are plenty seafood recipes to inspire and they are very often, quick and easy to prepare.

It’s a good idea to encourage children to eat fish from an early age and parents can be cunning in how it is presented! There are seafood recipes for fish cakes, fish burgers and pizza with fish toppings. Kids love any sort of cheese and fish dish or fish in pitta bread.

When having a dinner party, seafood makes an excellent starter. It refreshes the palette for the main course and some dishes are quite sophisticated. Angels on Horseback is a well-known dish and has various versions around the world.  The traditional recipe is to use oysters, wrapped in streaky bacon rashers. These should be grilled and go well with a mixed green salad.

Many starter dishes involve prawns and Citrus Prawn and Avocado is a particularly tasty one. Ingredients consist of peeled tiger prawn tails, lemon juice, lettuce and an avocado. The avocado should be ripe and chives make a good garnish. The perfect dressing is sunflower oil, orange juice, white wine vinegar, salt and black pepper.

People who like spicy food can still find a kick in seafood recipes. Curried sole, made with lemon sole fillets is cooked with curry sauce, onion and lemon rind. The garnish is toasted flaked almonds with coriander and rice is a good accompaniment.

Cheesy Citrus Cod is a delicious blend of flavors and haddock can be substituted if preferred. The other ingredients are orange rind, seasoning and soft cheese. The sauce is made with crème fraiche, orange juice and rind, seasoning and chives. If calories are of concern, the soft cheese can be low fat and the crème fraiche can be half fat. This dish goes well with creamy, mashed potato and a green vegetable.

Casseroles are not just for meat based dishes and they are a convenient one pot way of preparing seafood recipes such as Beachcombers Casserole. This contains red snapper fillets, a popular choice at the best restaurants these days. The snapper is cooked in a flameproof casserole dish with dried crushed chilies, onion, cayenne pepper, garlic, canned tomatoes and cream coconut. This dish could be served with rice or pasta. It also makes a tasty filling for a baked potato.




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