Sean Wotherspoon, a footwear creator, and Porsche have teamed up on a Technicolor Taycan

Similar to¬†Wotherspoon’s sneakers, the EV has vibrant colours and suede embellishments.

Porsche’s electrically powered sporty vehicle has been given a multicolored facelift by Sean Wotherspoon.

The shoe designer previously collaborated with the brand on an unique Taycan 4 Cross Turismo which has nearly every hue of the rainbow colors. Last March, this art car made its premiere at South by Southwest in Austin Texas, but now Stuttgart is offering us a better examination.

Wotherspoon’s particular style is reflected in the technicolour EV. In his street fashion, the artist is noted for combining a vibrant palette and unusual fabrics. Nevertheless, the Nike Air Max 97/1, that launched his career as a sneakerhead in 2018, has a lot of features, different types and corduroy as the superior material. This pattern remains with the Porsche.

The exterior

Technicolor Taycan

The outside is painted in a range of colours chosen by Wotherspoon. (Before inspecting the colors in person, he gave the Pantone standard numbers to Porsche.) It also has spherical motifs that are reminiscent of the numbering emblems found on vintage racing vehicles. The idea came to the 32-year-old during a trip to the Porsche history museum.

The interior

Technicolor Taycan

Within, there’s a variety of colors designated after individuals of Wotherspoon’s household, notably Nash Blue, Sean Peach, Loretta Purple, and Ashley Green. The inside was designed without leather: the panel, steering wheel, and centre dashboard were meticulously made from cork, whereas the roof liner, seat centres, and sun visors were covered in beige suede. Not just Wotherspoon, but then also Porsche, favors these two different materials. Corduroy seats first featured in the 356’s seat centres in 1952.

“I’m driven by creativity, and the odd elements that the Porsche engineers in Weissach deal with have always piqued my interest,” Wotherspoon said in a remark. “All across the process, we kept inspiring one another eventually came up with a whole new form of car design.”

Sean Wotherspoon

Sean Wotherspoon

While you won’t be able to order a Taycan in this precise colour scheme, Porsche will offer four options throughout its Paint to Sample Plus service. It has a lovely feel to it, a Loretta Purple Porsche.




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