Sensual Purity, The New Maybach S 650 Cabriolet

Mercedes-Maybach S 650 cabriolet, an ultimate in open-air exclusivity, will be available in a total of 300 units only. In addition to that, 75 of this new car will be in the United States. Mercedes-Maybach S 650 cabriolet comes with 6.0L twin turbo V12 that produces 621 hp and a mind blowing 738 lb ft of torque. Its top speed is actually 155 mph.

According to Mercedes-Benz, the philosophy of Mercedes-Maybach S 650 cabriolet’s design is Sensual Purity and it’s both cool and hot at the same time. This also features a waterfall-like seat with flowing lines that are made into the upholstery of the seat. When it comes to its trim, this is designed to make a yachting feel that’s inspired by a yacht under the brand of Mercedes-Benz.

In the United States,  it is available in 3 color schemes, which include Cote d’ Azur Blue that features saddler brown and porcelain interior, Zircon Red with black interior and porcelain, and Diamond White with Yacht blue interior and porcelain. No matter what you prefer, all Mercedes-Maybach S 650 cabriolet owners will get a travel luggage set that’s made with the leather used in the car. Every set includes a chrome-plated of lettering to remind owners its exclusivity. Rounding out its arrangement is the car cover manufactured with the same color cloth as soft top, Maybach emblem, and packed with diamond quilting.

Opening door leads everyone into a whole new world of individually prepared leather. There is a Maybach logo on the back and front of the seat. There are also progressive perforations since no one likes reactionary perforations. Mercedes-Maybach S 650 cabriolet also features thick floor mats and an optional extra badge for S Class Cabriolet thrown in the standard.

As mentioned, the trim is commissioned individually for every car when it comes to grain and color. The lines you’ll see coursing around the wood veneer were accuracy milled to provide a 3D effect while there is also inlaid Maybach logo on the soft top compartment.

Mercedes-Maybach S 650 cabriolet is very exclusive as there will be only limited units that will be built and only some of these will be exported different parts of the globe.

Fans of Mercedes-Maybach cars are excited to see how amazing this luxury convertible is and what makes it different from the other new cars that will be introduced in the market this year. All in all, Mercedes-Maybach S 650 cabriolet is something to watch out for.



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