Sherrie Handrinos. President & CEO of Boost One Marketing

Sherrie Handrinos

Marketing is about more than just getting a message out – it’s about crafting an image, conveying a dream, and shaping reality as we know it. If that sounds a lot like high art, you’re not alone, but it’s also a science and a field that seasoned entrepreneur Sherrie Handrinos has mastered as the President & CEO of Boost One Marketing.

Starting out overseeing football camps and programs for the NFL and then branching out into further collaborations, Boost One Marketing now has a portfolio of partnerships ranging from the aforementioned professional sports league to corporate clients.

Founding Boost One Marketing after graduating from college in Michigan, Sherrie Handrinos was previously the youngest person ever to achieve the level of Executive Regional Vice President at Arbonne International at the age of 19. Quickly adapting to her field and learning how to pivot from a current “no” to a future “yes” was not only part of her experience at Arbonne, but also learning how to empower oneself to control fate and destiny with aplomb. Noting that the sports industry tends to be heavily male-dominated, Sherrie Handrinos shares the challenges she faced with Boost One Marketing in 2009 as the company was just getting started and how the lessons she learned then can help women and other executives navigate the challenges of today.

In a discussion of the rapid evolution of the current business landscape and Boost One Marketing’s commitment to providing high-quality, high-end services, we take a dive into what advice Sherrie would give to a woman starting her own firm today as well as what it is like to live the life of a high-profile corporate executive. Looking more broadly, Sherrie Handrinos shares with us her thoughts on the state of the world as well as some of her favorite guiding wisdom.

Sherrie, please start by telling us about Boost One Marketing and the services it provides.

At Boost 1 Marketing we focus on Public Relations, Marketing and Charity/Corporate Events. We do not believe that we are a “normal” PR and Marketing company as we strive to always use innovative ideas and partnership to create really unique stories that showcase our clients and their brand. We like to think outside of the box, create original partnership that cultivate real impact for not just a brand but for the community they serve.

What was your inspiration for starting the company?

Initially, I started this company by overseeing and running football camps for current and former NFL Players. While I did study business management and marketing in college, I wanted to take their camp experience and make it special for not only them, but for the kids attending and participating in these events each year. By doing that, we quickly attracted corporate clients that would not only sponsor our camps, but then would bring us on to integrate creative partnerships and outreach for their brands as well.

Boost One works with a diverse range of clients, including professional athletes. How do you diversify your talent roster, and what drives celebrities to work with you?

What is crazy is that we have never “recruited” a celebrity or professional athlete client. All of our clients came to us through a referral or they may have attended an event for another client that we oversaw and wanted us create something for them as well. I think what drives them to work with us is that we genuinely care about their brand and their cause. We want to be sure whatever they love is what we focus on growing and executing to the fullest extent of their vision. One athlete that allowed us to be very creative was NFL Linebacker, Stephen Tulloch, whom we have worked with since 2011. He had a passion for children that were raised by a single parent and providing them with educational tools along with childhood cancer. We worked with him to create “Operation 55” and built his vision up over the years that allowed us to eventually build an entire school in Negril, Jamaica, his mother’s hometown. Everything we did, aligned with his passion and focus, which is something we pride ourselves on.

Sherrie Handrinos

Tell us about your career before starting Boost One?

I actually started Boost 1 Marketing when I was 23 years old, fresh out of college. I am originally from Detroit, and went to both Michigan State University and Wayne State University. While in college I began to sell Arbonne, which is a network marketing company. I quickly became the youngest Vice President while attending school fully time, and also was a part of UCA staff. Those experiences helped me immensely when branching off at such a round age to start my next venture.

At the age of 19, you became the youngest person to achieve the level of Executive Regional Vice President at Arbonne International. What was your experience like working for Arbonne, and how did you rise through the ranks so quickly?

My experience was amazing and unexpected. I was mentored by a woman named Judy, who had gotten to the level of Vice President in a year. I knew I wanted to be where she was, and essentially get the beautiful FREE White Mercedes Benz. When she told me what I needed to do to get to where she was, I took that blueprint and thought, “if I double this workload, I can get to VP in half of the time she did” and I did just that. Before I knew it, or actually realized what was even happening, I earned the title of Vice President in just six short months, got my two seater Mercedes, and even paid for that semester of college cash! I knew that if I worked hard, and did the home parties (that was a big thing back then), that the women that came to be on my team, would want to do the same! I was young, and wanted to be great, I almost thing that was a blessing and a curse because I honestly did not let anyone get in my way, I never let someone’s opinion of me bother me and I kept going. To me, a “no” truly meant, “next” and I used that as fuel to work harder and do more.

You launched Boost One Marketing in 2009. What were some of the challenges you had to overcome?

Whew! There were many challenges, first being a female in a male dominated industry, sports. My main focus and goal when I started was to be a successful female in the sports industry and to create brands for athletes that truly made a difference. To be honest, my goal was to win the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award with a client, and Stephen Tulloch and I did just that, five times. To be a woman, in an industry that truly is ran by men, it was difficult, I had to dress differently, I even dyed my hair to brown from blonde, and believe it or not, I was taken more seriously as I changed my look. Not from the athletes, but from the people in corporate companies and that were higher up in the league, or even the agents. It took years to become respected as I am today, but I would not change those road bumps and lessons for anything. There were two players, Derrick Williams and Stephen Tulloch, that put their full trust in me from day one, and for that, I am forever grateful. They really helped me break into this industry.

When did you realize you had made it as a company?

I’m not sure if I think I have “made it” yet. We have a lot to do still. However, I think one moment I will always remember is when we began working with MLB Legend, Justin Verlander. He and his wife have an amazing foundation and when we began working with them, I thought, wow, this is amazing. I’m actually working with someone of his caliber.

How does Boost One adapt over time to provide high-quality services?

We do not adapt to provide high end services. That is our standard. We go over and above for all of our clients, we care, and we execute every single time. No exceptions.

What advice would you give women seeking to start their own company?

Work harder than everyone else, do more, do better and be authentically you. Be professional and take no shit from anyone, people will try you, people will use you. Do not allow anyone to waiver your vision and commitment to your goals.

Sherrie Handrinos and Zuri

Sherrie, how is a day in your life?

Everyday is a bit different! But usually it will start with coffee and taking my Boxer, Zuri, outside, then I begin reading emails before 7am. We usually have 4-5 press pushes already schedule for 6am pushes so I start to follow up on those, check in with everyone on my amazing team, and then go through the day of conference calls, client visits, media interviews and sometimes putting out fires. If I am having an at home office day, I’ll jump on the Peloton between calls. Some days may have a happy hour thrown in with a client or friend, however, whenever I can be home to cook dinner and have a quiet night, that is always my first choice!

What is something most people don’t know about you?

People usually judge me for my lifestyle now, or on appearance. But what they don’t know is I did not grow up with money, I did not grow up with both parents in the home. I grew up figuring shit out as we went. My mom is the most amazing person on this planet and raised my brother and I to be independent and problem solvers. Our mantra is “we always figure it out” and we do.

Choose two of your favorite quotes and write them here

“Be courageous. Challenge orthodoxy. Stand up for what you believe in. When you are in your rocking chair talking to your grandchildren many years from now, be sure you have a good story to tell.” — Amal Clooney

“You define your own life. Don’t let other people write your script.” — Oprah Winfrey

If you had the power to change just one thing in the world, what would it be?

That people would be more authentically themselves. In a world where social media has put pressure on everyone to be, look or act a certain way, I wish that everyone finds who they are and love themselves for being that amazing person.

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