Late getting started in building your presentation? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Want to impress your employees and employer with a well-prepared set of slides? Not a problem.

Want to empower your team to be more prepared before they come to you? It is easy.

SlideUpLift is your solution for all the presentations you are going to need from time to time. We have a set of templates to choose from and customize according to your requirements.

Why choose SlideUpLift?

SlideUpLift can provide you the professional presentation templates you need for your work, college, or the interview you were planning for. Making presentations can be a stressful experience with so many aspects to think of. SlideUpLift takes care of the design aspects of the slides so you have one less thing to worry about. Our templates make extensive use of Vision Science, animations and UX principles to optimize the ability to communicate and interact with the audience. In addition, many of our templates also serve as idea starters with initial content pre-populated. You can simply download these and edit these per your requirements.

Designed by business professionals and PowerPoint specialists

The PowerPoint templates available on SlideUpLift are designed by experts in the field with their vast knowledge and experience. We guarantee you the originality of the work of our specialists. At the same time, these templates are designed according to the specific requirements of users taking advantage of ongoing feedback and interactions we hold with the end-users.

Our goal is to help you prepare for your upcoming presentation with confidence. Let us worry about the slides and the design of your presentation- you worry about the higher order aspects of presence, story-telling and stitching ideas together.

Having the right slide work will do its bit in boosting your confidence for your next key presentation.

A bigger collection of templates

SlideUpLift has a large collection of templates available for you. Within the collection, there are templates with previews to help you choose the most suitable among them. The collection has been built keeping in mind the needs of business managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, brand directors, marketing officers, project managers, etc.

Choose from the templates and customize them as you prefer. Having many choices provides to get what you exactly want from SlideUpLift.

Uses the modern principles of vision science and storytelling

The field of presentations is updating rapidly with time. With more insight coming in from the fields of behavioral science, how people make decisions, what influences them etc.

SlideUpLift experts follow the principles of vision science carefully picking up the fonts, the colors, the shapes, and the proportions to maximize the sharpness of the intended message on the slide. Use of background images and animations are specifically designed to augment and enhance the effects.

These subtle storytelling techniques can influence of the audience often subliminally as they go through the presentation journey with you.

Turbocharge PowerPoint using the SlideUpLift Add-in

The SlideUpLift add -in is arguably the smartest and fastest way to work with PowerPoint. The only one of its kind add-in allows users to access our full library without leaving PowerPoint, Use the fully functional Search box, Browse the collection. Insert what you like just download it and give wings to your PowerPoint.

Is SlideUpLift free?

SlideUpLift has an enormous collection of free templates with no strings attached. However, this is just a sampler from the vast collection of templates, decks, and PowerPoint themes. The pricing arrangement is designed to maximize flexibility for the users.

Have a one-off need, just add the templates you like to cart and head-off to check out. Need more than a few templates to build your story, get the essential pack at a lower price. As your slide volume needs grow, SlideUpLift makes it cheaper and cheaper for you to use their services.

What makes SlideUpLift unique is that our basic plan starts from $9.99 upwards. Such affordable service is not available from any other template provider in the market.

Getting started? Not a problem.

Want to try something first? Free templates could be a good place to start. When you are ready, with no obligations, you can upgrade to a no-recurring charge membership plan or just buy what you like off the shelf using the Add to Cart feature


Our PowerPoint templates are compatible with most versions of PowerPoint as well as with leading online presentation software such as Google Slides.

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