Spring luxury travel destinations: From Asian nightlife to Central American relaxation

Ah, springtime… the weather is getting warmer, the flowers are blooming, and the desire to explore the world has returned for many travelers. Some travel destinations are just better in the springtime. Once the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, there is no better time to visit a new destination. There is a luxury holiday waiting for you this spring, so consider Totalprestige Magazine’s three picks for luxury travel this season.

Seoul, South Korea

If you want to visit a city that truly never sleeps, then book a trip to Seoul. The Korean capital comes to life at night thanks to its neon-lit streets, BBQ restaurants, and karaoke bars. A trip to Seoul can be anything you want it to be. Do you want luxury dining? There is plenty. Do you want to immerse yourself in Seoul’s history and culture at museums and galleries? You certainly can delve into both. Do you want to try out Seoul’s highly-rated medical travel industry? You can undergo various procedures and treatments.

Seoul is gorgeous during the spring. The cold winter leaves the city and warm sunshine bathes it. The cherry blossoms come out in March and April. This is a popular time in Seoul, with locals and tourists alike heading to the major parks across the city. Seoul’s Cherry Blossom Festival 2024 takes place on April 3. However, the different regions and cities of Korea hold Cherry Blossom Festivals at different times during the spring.

You will need a luxury hotel in Seoul, so why not book the Four Seasons? It is located across the street from Gyeongbokgung Palace. Be sure to book the Palace View Executive room to get views of the palace along with club lounge access.

Four Seasons Seoul

Image courtesy of Four Seasons Seoul

If you fancy getting to know more about Gangnam Style, then get a room at the Park Hyatt, which is found in the heart of Gangnam. Gangnam is Seoul’s wealthy area, and it is home to South Korean CEOs, businessmen, executives, and celebrities. A stay at the Park Hyatt offers a futuristic experience, as you look out at the amazing city’s jungle of skyscrapers.

Hyatt Seoul

Image courtesy of Hyatt Seoul

Korean food is not like the cheap Chinese food served in North America or Europe. Overall, it is healthy, made from local produce, and delicious. Koreans are very proud of their cuisine, which is difficult to copy, at least in terms of taste. One aspect of Seoul’s fine dining scene is that it is hipster. The location and decor may be a little different, but the food is fantastic.

RYUNIQUE Restaurant

Image courtesy of RYUNIQUE Restaurant

Ryunique is one of Seoul’s most popular fine dining locations. It offers one menu with 11 courses priced at around $140 per plate. If you are staying in Gangnam, or just passing through it, head over to Mingles for a fusion of Korean, Japanese, French, and Spanish cuisine. Mingles uses seasonal ingredients from Asia to make some incredible dishes. In 2017, Mingles received one Michelin star and the guide ranked it No 15 on the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

Mingles Restaurant

Image courtesy of Mingles Restaurant

Casablanca, Morocco

“Here’s looking at you, kid” is one of the most famous lines in cinema history. Why not relive the famous film quote by heading to Casablanca, one of the most vibrant cities in North Africa? Casablanca is located on Morocco’s Atlantic Ocean coast. Compared to Rabat, Morocco’s capital, Casablanca is full of life and is a great place to book your springtime holiday.

Casablanca is alive with architecture. Culture vultures will love to walk around Casablanca’s streets. The city’s art deco buildings are beautiful and transport visitors back in time. Casablanca’s French influence is thick. You may feel like you are walking around a southern French city rather than a town in North Africa.

The city has a thriving art scene. Contemporary art lovers shouldn’t miss the Villa des Arts, while the Musee Abderrahman Slaoui has collections that will pique the interest of visitors. L’Atelier 21 is home to artworks made solely by Moroccan artists. Perhaps the coolest, or most bizarre art gallery is Transcultural Slaughterhouse, which is in an old abattoir.

You will find many beaches around Casablanca. Sure, you can stay in a resort and access the hotel’s beach, but what is the fun of that? Ain Diab is located in the city center, and you can explore the beach by walking down Casablanca’s lovely corniche. You will find beach clubs, restaurants, and cafes dotted around the corniche. You may even spot some Moroccan celebrities out and about.

One Hotel

Image courtesy of One Hotel

The One Hotel just opened in 2023 in Casablanca. The hotel is full of vibrant colors and furniture, just what you would expect from a luxury venue in Morocco. You can find the five-star One Hotel in the city center. Inside is a concierge service, room service, 24-hour front desk staff, a garden to walk through, a terrace, and a breakfast restaurant.

For something a little more old-school in Casablanca, you may want to stay at Le Casablanca Hotel. It provides a relaxing atmosphere with indoor and outdoor pools. Every room comes with a private balcony, giving you the chance to enjoy a coffee in the morning or a late-night cocktail.

Le Casablanca Hotel

Image courtesy of Le Casablanca Hotel

Seafood lovers should book a table at Le Cabestan. Opened in 1927, Le Cabestan has stood the test of time thanks to its diverse menu. The restaurant’s chefs use locally sourced ingredients in many of the recipes for a truly unique Moroccan taste.

Le Cabestan Restaurant

Image courtesy of Le Cabestan Restaurant

If you want to try traditional dishes from the North African region, then head down to La Sqala. One of the restaurant’s specialties is pigeon pastilla, which is a sweet and savory dish with tender pieces of pigeon inside a flaky crust. La Sqala also offers daily specials featuring Moroccan favorites.

La Sqala Restaurant

Image courtesy of La Sqala Restaurant

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

A beach holiday in the springtime can be the perfect escape. You can avoid the crowds on your trip and experience the warm comfortable weather before it becomes too hot. Nicaragua isn’t a common travel destination for many tourists. In 2019, before the global pandemic, just 1.46 million people visited Nicaragua.

The Central American country could be one of the new “must-visit” places and tourism is likely to grow in the country over the next decade. So, why not plan your trip to Nicaragua this spring before more travelers go there? You could be the first of your friends to post photos on Instagram of your adventures in “The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes”.

One of the best reasons to visit Nicaragua this spring is the lack of tourists. Nicaragua has an issue with undertourism. While other Central American countries have too many travelers, Nicaragua needs more visitors. The country has been labeled as the “new” Costa Rica.

Of all the places to visit in Nicaragua, the best of the bunch is San Juan del Sur. San Juan del Sur is home to world-class beaches that are ideal for anyone wanting to engage in water sports and activities. The waves off the coast make for excellent surfing. There are surf camps available, giving you the chance to learn from an experienced instructor. But if you simply want to relax and catch some springtime sun, then the beaches on the San Juan del Sur coast are perfect. The stunning beaches also make for a great backdrop to yoga retreats. The relaxing atmosphere, amazing food, and exercise will help you refocus and rinse away the stress from back home.

Morgan’s Rock Hacienda and Ecolodge is a remote resort, and it will transport you even further away from the crowds of tourists. The Ecolodge is on 4,000 acres of rainforest and low-impact farmland. If making a small footprint during your travel is important, then this is the resort for you. During your stay, you can see the local wildlife, which includes sloths, macaws, and primates. You will have an expansive view from your residence, as a soundscape of birds, waves, and the wind blowing through the trees is created.

If you can’t get a room at Morgan’s Rock, then consider booking a stay at Villas de Palermo Hotel and Resort. You can stay in a gorgeous villa that overlooks the surf and rainforest below. There is a swimming pool and restaurant onsite, and you can move between the villas courtesy of the gardens that connect them.

Villas de Palermo

Image courtesy of Villas de Palermo

The resort is colorful, and the service is excellent. The staff speak English, so travelers can communicate in the world’s most common language. Each villa onsite has two bedrooms, so larger parties will need to book multiple villas. If you want to remain at the resort throughout your visit to San Juan del Sur, the Terraza de Palermo serves food throughout the day.

There is a variety of restaurants in San Juan del Sur. Whether you want something fast or to sit down and relax, there is something for everyone. Much of the cuisine is based on local recipes and made using ingredients from the region.

You will find a laid-back atmosphere around town, and many of the restaurants reflect this with their decor. There is plenty of outdoor seating at restaurants, and many will offer views of the ocean. Fine dining in San Juan del Sur is less about Michelin stars and more about wholesome food made by locals. A trip to San Juan del Sur is an experience, so enjoy the cuisine without pretense.




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