Stop the kidnappings now

Stop the kidnappings

When young children become the victims of the crime of kidnapping then we have reached a deplorable and depraved state. Kidnappings have now reached unbearable levels and we must act swiftly and decisively to rid our society of this scourge.

We call for the safe return of the Moti siblings as each passing day exacerbates the trauma that they are undergoing.

President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela reminded us that there is no clearer indication of the soul of the nation than the way it treats it’s children. South Africa must hang it’s head in shame when we tolerate the kidnapping of children.

Kidnappings have now raised it’s ugly head in Gauteng, Limpopo, Eastern Cape as well as the Western Cape. For some time now there have been reports of hijackings and kidnapping of business owners in the rural towns of the Eastern Cape. If this goes unchecked it will seriously undermine business confidence.

Kidnappings point to a failure in our intelligence systems when gangs can operate carteblanche and cause harm to our society and South Africa’s image and standing.

Not to long we managed to snuff out the scourge of cash in transit heists and we must mobilise the same level of resources and expertise to deal with the kidnappings.

The thugs who resort to such dastardly acts of cowardice and criminality must be dealt with and face the full might of the law.

We cannot afford the failure or collapse of our safety and security and wanton acts of criminality such as kidnappings on such a scale undermine public confidence and may raise questions of complicity.

We salute the brave women and men who slog each day in the security cluster and appeal to them to pull out all stops to eradicate kidnappings.

We pray for the safe return of the Moti siblings and wish their families strength and fortitude in this difficult and stressful time.





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