Talking with David Vranicar. Managing Partner of FBS Fortified and Ballistic Security

According to FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics, there are 2.5 million burglaries in the United States every year. Of those burglaries, 66% are home break-ins. The good news for homeowners is the number of break-ins is on the decline thanks to improved home security products like Fortified Ballistic Security’s windows and doors. FBS is a pioneer in the residential security sector and the company works with luxury properties to provide added safety cameras, alarms and other items cannot offer.

David Vranicar has been FBS’s managing partner since 2010. In that time, Vranicar has helped homeowners transform their homes with the company’s state-of-the-art protection systems. Properties are not only safer but they look great too.

FBS is making home security active in the prevention of crime. It is a complete contrast to the passive security systems most homes employ. With home security on the minds of Americans, Vranicar took time out of his busy day to speak to Totalprestige Magazine about FBS.

David, can you start off by telling us about FBS and it is products?

FBS – Fortified Ballistic Security is a pioneer in the residential security sector, providing fortified, safe environments that are impenetrable without compromising beauty and style. Each situation begs its own customized solution. We work with our clients to understand their lifestyle, desires and needs in order to design a personalized security plan. This plan may include our security doors and windows, hardening, technology and most often is a hybrid of these offerings. Above all else, our mission is to elevate security without compromising the client’s desired aesthetics.

The company’s security doors can withstand a lot of punishment. Can you explain just what customers can expect from the custom security windows and doors manufactured by the company?

FBS products run the gamut from simple security doors to full armored doors. From the structural materials like the reinforced steel or the enhanced security glass to the cutting edge technologies such as integrated home automation or biometric locks, down to the luxurious embossed leather or wood veneer coverings, FBS security doors and windows are paramount in the industry. The inherent value that we offer our clients boils down to this: no one is coming in quickly, easily or quietly.

We’ve put our doors and windows through rigorous testing. The best way to fully get a sense of what impenetrable security looks like is to view the videos of this testing on our website (

Ultimately, our clients can expect any necessary and imaginable level of security fused with exquisite style.

Home security is a growing concern in the United States. How can FBS security doors give homeowners peace of mind?

We consider home security much like insurance. You don’t need it until you need it, and when you need it, you’ll be glad you have it.

According to survey data, 71% of burglars gain unlawful entry into the home through doors and 23% come through a window. Most security measures such as cameras and alarms, while a deterrent, do not actually prevent entry to the home. FBS doors and windows provide ultimate peace of mind by effectively combating the risk of ever having threats enter the home.

In February, the company pledged to donate safe rooms to schools on the anniversary of the Parkland school shooting. How important was it to give back to the community of Florida like that?

Extremely. And, it’s not just our own community. We’re pledging to donate these safe rooms to schools anywhere in the country.

Stoneman Douglas is less than two miles from my home. Last year’s school shooting directly affected our families, friends and clients. While we felt especially pulled to take action in the wake of this tragic event that hit so close to home, it has also been the impetus to contribute in our own small way to a much larger problem affecting our country. Our hope is that by starting in our community, we’re able to create a ripple effect that has the potential to help on a grander scale.

How serious is the threat of violence at schools across the USA? Should all schools have safe rooms now days?

I don’t think there’s a dispute over the gravity of the threats our schools face. We are now at a moment in time where 95% of our public school students practice active shooter drills in schools. I would say that overwhelmingly supports the seriousness of those threats. Where it gets grey is when we begin to talk solutions, and I don’t believe there is one singular answer to our plight. What I do know is that safe rooms are one of those answers, and these safe rooms or Sanctuaries™ are a proven and legitimate method of saving lives. What we find even more convincing is that we feel this plan eliminates cost concerns and legislative red tape often attached to other solutions.

What type of homes are the windows and doors from FBS made for?

FBS serves the luxury residential sector and our client roster is composed of folks in need of the highest levels of security. This typically means we are designing and installing products for political dignitaries, celebrities and generally in affluent neighborhoods.

Can FBS security windows and doors be installed in older homes?

Absolutely. Our architects and engineers are fully equipped to create easily executed plans in homes of any age, style and size.

David, tell us about your career. What led you to FBS?

I’ve been involved in the home automation market for 22 years. Over the years, I was increasingly frustrated with archetypal security systems. I noticed a common thread. When security threats would arise, security cameras and alarm systems weren’t actually preventing those threats from occurring. People simply weren’t using the alarms when they needed them and they aren’t looking at the camera footage until after the incident happened. Out of this frustration and in noticing an opportunity for improvement, we began to partner with some of the top technology manufacturers in the security sector. Out of these partnerships grew a new entity specializing in residential projects. Our residential clients would also enlist our services for their marine and corporate projects. As we evolved and learned what the market needed, we discovered our niche – custom design and installation projects that combine high security with cutting edge technologies and luxurious style.

You have been with FBS since 2010. How has the company changed over the last nine years?

The company is constantly changing with the latest developments in technology. We know that in order to remain a leader in this industry, we must always evolve. By the same token, there are many things in design that are timeless such as wood, marble and stone. It’s an interesting dichotomy that requires us to keep current while also remaining grounded in the classics.

Where do you see the future of security doors and windows going?

More and more options will become available as the technologies continue to evolve and change the way we interact. We plan to continue as a frontrunner in that evolution. We will see bigger, better, lighter and stronger products. Doors’ ability to recognize you securely and open as required will improve. Motorized doors and windows will become increasingly more popular.

David, what is a day in your life like?

We have manufacturers in Europe and clients on the west coast, so my days start early and end late. I typically spend the best part of my day interfacing with the design teams with whom I work on our ongoing projects. We take our client work personally. It needs to be exactly what they want it to be and that requires frequent changes and being quick on our feet. Luckily, I’m surrounded by great people with the same goal who make my job much easier.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

Tough question as I’m pretty transparent. I have most creative moments when I’m in the shower. It’s typically the only time I’m alone with my thoughts.

What makes you smile?

When I hear one of my sons say something exactly like something I would say.

What scares you?

I have an FBS Sanctuary™ in my home so nothing. No, really, I’m afraid we’re no longer raising people who love to build something special. We need more of this in our culture. We see works of architecture that are hundreds if not thousands of years old, and no one seems to be interested in building things like that anymore.

David Vranicar Managing Partner of FBS Fortified and Ballistic Security

Do you have any hobbies?

Home technology remains one of my biggest passions. When I’m not immersed in the latest technology, you can find me attempting to create the best barbecue ever.

Which historical figure do you most admire?

Thomas Jefferson

Can you share two of your favorite quotes with us?

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

“Each person’s destiny is not a matter of chance; it’s a matter of choice. It’s determined by what we say, what we do, and whom we trust.”

If you had the power to change just one thing in the world what would it be?

We would have the power to see the long term effects of our short term actions.

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